Explore Cebu with PAL with More Local Destinations Unveiled

CEBU, Philippines—Philippine Airlines (PAL) has expanded its Cebu hub, introducing new flights and destinations across the country. The airline now offers a fresh route from Cebu to Laoag and resumes flights from Cebu to Visayas and Mindanao.

PAL’s Cebu hub adds Laoag to its destinations, serving as the gateway to Ilocos Norte, known for natural rock formations, sand dunes, and centuries-old stone churches. This direct route provides faster access to the entire Ilocos region, showcasing cultural heritage sites and local flavors.

Image Courtesy of Philippine Airlines.

Under the “Larga Ta, Cebu!” campaign, PAL aims to connect travelers to various parts of the Philippines and beyond, highlighting the nation’s diverse beauty and culture. Captain Stanley Ng, President of Philippine Airlines, emphasizes the airline’s commitment to serving both leisure and business travelers by expanding flight options from Cebu.

Cebu’s central location has positioned it as a vital hub for commerce, culture, and connections. PAL’s expansion, including the new route to Laoag, enhances travel convenience, offering shorter direct routes for exploring diverse regions and fostering cultural exchange across the Philippines.

Images Courtesy of Philippine Airlines.

Larga Ta! Campaign

Embark on new adventures with PAL’s “Larga Ta!” campaign. In addition to the inaugural route to Laoag, PAL is reinstating flights to General Santos, Legazpi (Daraga), and Ozamiz from Cebu, providing gateways to discover the hidden gems of the Philippines.

General Santos, renowned as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines,” beckons with aquatic treasures and seafood delights. PAL’s direct Cebu-GenSan flights facilitate the exploration of waterfalls, pristine beaches, and the serene surroundings of South Cotabato.

Legazpi features the iconic Mayon Volcano, historic landmarks, and the flavorful Bicol Express. PAL offers efficient and enjoyable travel with nonstop flights from Cebu to Legazpi via the new Bicol International Airport in Daraga, Albay.

Completing the new gateways, Ozamiz City boasts natural parks, diverse cuisines, and colonial heritage. PAL’s direct flights from Mactan-Cebu offer seamless access to Misamis Occidental’s attractions, enhancing the travel experience with accessibility and diverse choices.

Captain Ng invites everyone to explore these destinations accessible from PAL’s Cebu hub, encouraging the discovery of uncharted wonders and embracing the diverse beauty of the Philippines.

Book your journey from Cebu to Laoag, General Santos, Legazpi (Daraga), and Ozamiz for travel starting December 15, 2023, on the Philippine Airlines website, www.philippineairlines.com.