Check Out this Tech-Savvy Gift Guide You Can Cop for the Yuletide Season

MANILA, Philippines—With the Yuletide spirit upon us, we know that a practical gift-giver usually gets something handy for their family and friends, things that they can use regularly whether for work or leisure.

With this in mind, Rustan’s Department Store carries a wide selection of gadgets and electronics suited for the on-the-go travelers or work-from-home creatives. If you are looking to start your gift shopping, Rustan’s Gadgets Fair has officially commenced until December 5, offering up to 50% off on select brands, installment offers and multipliers promos for FSP members.

Traveler’s best friend

Travel Blue Twist and Slide USB Adapter. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Harman Kardon Neo. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

For the friend whose social media is packed with local and international trips, find something that aids their on-the-go lifestyle. Choose portable items that will keep them active and entertained. Find the appropriate travel adaptor for your loved one’s next escape with Travel Blue or get them a more durable portable charger from Cygnett.

Adventurers will also love Harman Kardon’s Neo, a palm-sized waterproof portable speaker that comes with a strap to conveniently hang on backpack handles as they tread their paths up hills or walk winding trails.

Productive work studio

Belkin 4-Port Travel Hub. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Innostyle 3 port charger. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Work is made easier with the right accessories. As majority of the workforce continue working from home, help busy friends upgrade their desks with Belkin. Its trusty wireless charging stand holds phones upright to also allow users check for notifications with just a glance.

Belkin’s compact 4-Port Travel Hub is also a must-have for those who need to connect multiple devices into one laptop, netbook, or ultrabook. Content creators will also appreciate JLAB’s Talk Go portable microphone for clearer audio recording, while 3-port charger from Innostyle allows more gadgets to charge all at the same time.

Relaxation anywhere

Euroo Chair Massager. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Lidak Relaxing Massage Gun Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Muscle aches can really hinder someone from performing their best, be it at work or at play. With the reluctance in visiting spas and massage places these days, give your loved ones the gift of being sore-free with Euroo’s portable back massager and Lidak’s Relaxing Massage Gun.

Travel Blue’s Tranquility Pillows then help keep necks from bopping from side to side or falling stiff during a drive, thanks to its high density memory foam and ergonomic fit.

Staying upbeat

Satchmi vinyl player. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Sony Headphones. Image courtesy of Rustan’s.

Let the beats pump the spirits of those you love with headphones, earbuds, soundbars, home and Bluetooth speakers from Sony, Philips, JBL, and more. Bose also carries an interesting addition to its roster—the exclusive Bose Open Ear Audio™ that combines audio technology with fashion sunglasses for that all-in-one style.

For a more old school or too cool flair, Satchmi and Audio Technica offer vinyl players that infuses traditional technology with more modern features.

Big promos and discounts at the Rustan’s Gadgets Fair

Catch the biggest gadget accessories fair at Rustan’s that just happened from November 19 to December 5 featuring premium brands up to 50% off including Sony, Philips, Lab.C, Lexon, Knomo, Mooni, Richmond and Finch, Elago, Iottie, Innostyle, Braun Shavers, Philips Shavers, Cygnett, Ventev, Audio Technica, Garmin, JBL, JLAB, Sudio, Mipow, Alphatech, Thinkedge, Kodak, Squiggly, Belkin, Whoosh!, QDOS, Mophie, Nomad, Monster, Lidak, Adam Elements, and FeiyuTech.

Z-Zoom is also offering select items at Buy 1 Take 1 while the Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker is now at Php 499 only.

Big perks continue with Rustan’s x3 FSP points for all participating gadget and accessories brands, as well as 0% bank installment promo at lower purchase amounts using any of the approved credit cards: AMEX, Bank of Commerce, BDO, BPI, Chinabank, CITI, DINERS, Eastwest, HSBC, Metrobank, PNB, RCBC, Security Bank, and Union Bank.

Customers can pay within three months for a minimum spend of Php 3,000; six months for a minimum spend of Php 10,000; and 12 months for a minimum spend of Php 20,000.

Find the finest gifts ideas at the best prices this season at Rustan’s!