Comfort Meets Style in Samsung’s Bespoke WindFree ACs

MANILA, Philippines—In a recent release, Samsung has launched its Bespoke WindFree aircon line in the country, designed to offer a comfortable indoor environment with a blend of stylish aesthetic and advanced technology.

These premium offerings showcase the best of the brand’s latest cooling technologies that are ‘designed to stay cool’ and become great sources of uplifting comfort.

Coming in three fantastic luxe colors – Midnight Black, Morning Blue, and Metallic Silver – these sought-after Bespoke Windfree air conditioners are stylishly and purposefully created to fit the theme of any space. 

Midnight Black

Photo Courtesy of Samsung.

It conveys an air of high-end design and exclusivity while maintaining an elegant simplicity that can be incorporated into any room. It properly satisfies the tastes of sophisticated individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out and leave their mark.

Morning Blue

It modifies interior layouts and makes them more aesthetically pleasing by adding fine bold details that inspire exceptional moments of creativity and inspiration. People who are enthusiastic or creative thinkers who seek serenity in their surroundings can benefit from this hue. 

Photo Courtesy of Samsung.

Metallic Silver

Photo Courtesy of Samsung.

Its affluent, elegant, and graceful attitude may give lifestyles an air of luxury and grandeur, elevating the commonplace to the extraordinary. This unit raises the bar for individuals who aren’t scared to aim high and make the most of their life.

Designed to stay cool – in every way

The ACs use WindFree Technology, which allows for quick cooling of bigger rooms without the typical harsh blow of air and noise associated with traditional ACs.

In addition to superior cooling, the Bespoke WindFree line features automatic self-cleaning, intelligent control, and sleep mode functions. These features, coupled with the line’s 5-star energy efficiency rating from the Philippine Department of Energy, make it an excellent choice for those seeking to save on electricity bills.

Furthermore, the Bespoke WindFree ACs integrate the full functionality of SmartThings, Samsung’s official app, which enables users to easily control their aircon units from wherever they are, optimizing their indoor environment according to their lifestyle with just a few taps.

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