These Content Creators Tried Out the New Marvel for Digital Creation, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

MANILA, Philippines—Samsung officially unveiled the new Galaxy S23 series earlier this month, featuring the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23, and it has already received positive reviews from content creators.

Wil Dasovich and Lexi Mendiola, content creators for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, have weighed in on the new series and how they envision it impacting the future of digital content creators.

The S23 Ultra is the perfect portable pro-grade camera

Wil Dasovich, a travel and lifestyle YouTuber with over two million YouTube followers, is an outdoor enthusiast who found it difficult to embark on adventures when he had to bring a large camera with him. As someone who covers extreme sports while traveling, he characterized the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as the ideal pro-grade camera that is portable enough for him to carry with him everywhere he goes.

“My favorite thing about this is the camera. As a vlogger, naturally, that’s the first thing. Whenever I’m doing extreme activities, I can’t have, like, a dambuhalang camera with me and I need something that I can just whip out,” Wil shared.

Image courtesy Samsung Electronics Co.

Wil was very impressed with the camera’s ability to zoom in to x10 while still retaining good image quality, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s enhanced Nightography feature allows him to take selfies and videos in the dark, which was something he previously never considered to do.

“Aside from that, I really like the night photography. It kind of looks like a DSLR in the dark. It can go to 8k, very nice. So yeah, this looks like a really good vlogging phone that you can use,” he adds.

Wil also loved the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s graphic processing while playing games, thanks to its Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 coupled with a 120Hz refresh rate. “It’s the most powerful from all the phones I’ve ever had,” he admitted.

To Wil, he sees a possible future with the Galaxy S23 Ultra in his future adventures. In describing the phone, Wil commented that the phone seemed “pretty hardcore and can withstand all the crazy stuff that I’m doing.”

The S23 Ultra is borderline magical

Social media darling Lexi Mendiola has also given two-thumbs ups for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. She describes the phone’s Nightography feature as “borderline magical”, adding that her photos never looked more surreal and detailed in the dark. Lexi swears that the phone is “made for social media”, especially praising its autofocus feature which is perfect for creating social media videos for platforms like TikTok.

Lexi loves the S Pen as she can easily jot down a note whenever a thought comes into her mind and it’s very handy to keep track of things. On the other hand, the 200 MP adaptive pixel sensor is a wow factor and game-changer for her.

She also recommends the Galaxy S23, “If you’re into content creation, a professional, or an executive, it has all of these features that are just so useful and so above the bar that poses the question ‘Why would you not get it?’” she shared.

Image courtesy Samsung Electronics Co.

It is without a doubt that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a marvel for digital content creation and we’ll surely be seeing some great photos and videos from content enthusiasts like Wil and Lexi soon. With its most advanced camera features, the Galaxy S23 Ultra allows users to capture phenomenal content tailored for nearly any lighting conditions and engineered to render incredible detail. The improved nightography capabilities also transform how the Galaxy S Series optimizes photo and videos in a wide range of ambient conditions.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is also an ideal mobile gaming device, as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, along with a 120Hz refresh rate, gives sharper visuals, faster response times, and a flawless gaming experience. It is also Samsung’s most ecologically friendly phone to date, since it is manufactured from recycled metal, glass, and PET, as well as repurposed ocean-bound trash.

Image courtesy Samsung Electronics Co.

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