Here’s Why the All-New OPPO Band 2 Enables You #BetterOnEveryMove

MANILA, Philippines—Featuring their most recent wearable technology advancements that are adapted to consumers’ present lifestyles and needs, OPPO Band’s new generation has finally unveiled. The brand new OPPO Band 2 is offered by OPPO, a major player in the world of smart devices.

This device targets to help you get #BetterOnEveryMove with its ultra-clear large screen, complemented by comprehensive health and fitness features, including professional training programs, sleep tracking, all-day heart rate monitoring, long-lasting battery life, and many more, for only Php 3,999. 

Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines

Larger display to show off your unique style

Viewing content and interacting with the device are made simpler and easier by the OPPO Band 2’s 1.57″ ultra-clear big screen, which has a screen-to-body ratio that is roughly 47% greater than its predecessor and a display area that is more than 74% larger.

You may also showcase your unique sense of style with customizable watch face designs. You can select from up to 12 different watch face widget displays or use the AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0 to build your watch face automatically. To automatically sync with your band, select a picture from your albums or even draw your own watch face on your phone.

A stylish blue silicone strap that wraps securely around the wrist holds the screen in place. With the strap attached, the OPPO Band 2 weighs just 33g, which is incredibly light. For those who favor a more simpler, sleeker design, the black silicone strap is also an option.

Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines

Professional workout modes and improved health trackers

To provide precise health and fitness monitoring, the OPPO Band 2 has a high-precision 6-axis motion sensor, blood oxygen sensors, and heart rate sensors. Due to this, the OPPO Band 2 is able to give Upgraded Running Mode, which includes heart rate monitoring to help you run safely, and CRF (Cardiorespiratory Fitness) assessment by measuring your VO2max (maximum oxygen consumption). 

Additionally, it provides 13 professional running courses for a more effective and monitored workout as well as running speed recommendations to help you pace yourself better and speed up heart rate recovery.

The OPPO Band 2 is a need if you play tennis and desire a gadget to track your advancement. Thanks to a new Professional Tennis Mode, the OPPO Band 2 can recognize different tennis strokes and record five different types of data, including strokes, racket swings, activity time, heart rate, and calories burned.

The OPPO Band 2 might also make a wonderful exercise partner for active folks because it supports over 100 Workout Modes and automatically detects four modes, including walking, running, using an elliptical machine, and using a rowing machine.

Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines

OSleep feature dedicated to improving sleep quality and habits

The newest OPPO smart band can assist you in getting a good night’s sleep thanks to its inbuilt OSleep all-scenario sleep tracking feature. The Time to Sleep feature, as well as the Undisturbed and Eye Protection modes, are made possible by this innovative feature. 

In order to identify health conditions and weigh the likelihood of snoring, it monitors blood oxygen levels, sleep duration, phases (deep and light sleep), and REM sleep.

All-day monitoring for your health and wellness

Additional health features on the OPPO Band 2 include water and wake-up reminders, all-day heart rate monitoring to determine your daily resting heart rate (RHR), and heart rate monitoring when exercising. Moreover, it has a real-time stress monitor and will teach you the right breathing techniques so you remember to occasionally unwind and relax.

Smart, versatile assistant, anytime and anywhere

By enabling you to manage music, check the weather and the six-day forecast, utilize a stopwatch and flashlight, discover your device, set alarms, and timers, the OPPO Band 2 greatly simplifies staying connected. Besides that, you may sync your phone calls and SMS messages with the smart band.

With a 14-day battery life, OPPO’s new smart band can allay your worries about running out of power while you’re out and about. Due to the magnetic rapid charging capabilities of its battery, the OPPO Band 2 can be fully charged in just one hour and can last for a whole day on a single five-minute charge.

Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines

Your #BetterOnEveryMove is truly enhanced by the brand-new OPPO Band 2. From the moment, it is offered for Php3,999 at OPPO Brand Stores, partner retailers, and official Lazada, Shopee and Tiktok stores.

Visit, th k9e OPPO Philippines’ official website, to discover more about the OPPO Band 2. Furthermore, OPPO Philippines has official accounts on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. To receive the best service for your OPPO devices, visit your nearby OPPO Care Center or get in touch with us via their website or Facebook.