Streaming Reimagined as BlastTV Emerges from Converge & TapDMV Partnership

MANILA, Philippines—Converge ICT Solutions Inc., the Philippines’ premier fiber internet provider, has teamed up with media powerhouse TapDMV to introduce BlastTV—a cutting-edge streaming service revolutionizing entertainment, lifestyle, and sports viewing for Converge subscribers.

BlastTV features an array of genre-based entertainment channels, including Blast Cinema, Family Movies, Fear, Blast Action, Reality TV, Laff, Crime TV, Talk Shows, Game Show Central, Comic U, and Showcase Drama. Additionally, it offers Video on Demand and catch-up content, granting viewers the freedom to watch at their convenience. Esteemed content partners such as NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, MGM Television, and Lionsgate contribute to BlastTV’s global appeal.

Image Courtesy of Converge ICT Solutions Inc.

An unprecedented Southeast Asian offering, BlastTV will proudly host Studio Universal—a premiere channel debuting in the Philippines on September 15, 2023. This collaboration between NBCUniversal International Networks & Direct-to-Consumer and TapDMV will bring a wealth of blockbuster titles, including hits from the Fast & Furious, Jurassic, and Despicable Me franchises, to viewers’ screens.

BlastTV is set to become a complimentary value-added service for all Converge subscribers under the pioneering “Watch Now, Pay Zero” initiative, ensuring limitless access and enjoyment.

Celinda de Guia, President & CEO of TapDMV, expressed her excitement about this significant achievement. “BlastTV emerges as an easily accessible platform, nestled within the cozy bounds of your wifi-enabled home, catering to the diverse entertainment preferences of every household member. Whether you’re utilizing your tablet, laptop, or smart TV, BlastTV boasts a thoughtfully curated lineup that’s both diverse and captivating.”

Dennis Uy, Converge’s Co-Founder, and CEO, highlighted BlastTV’s role in reshaping Philippine digital entertainment. Converge’s “Best ISP Video Experience” award reinforces its commitment to quality. BlastTV is a complimentary Value-Added Service (VAS) for Converge users, accompanied by branded sports channels. 

“In an era crowded with streaming platforms and their escalating costs, we’re pleased to extend a cost-free alternative to Filipinos seeking fresh entertainment sources already bundled with their internet service,” remarked Converge President and Co-Founder Grace Y. Uy.

Converge’s leaders highlighted their commitment to offering a cost-free alternative in the competitive streaming landscape, underscoring BlastTV’s potential to transform Filipinos’ streaming experience. The seamless access to BlastTV’s complimentary content streaming, coupled with our lightning-fast fiber connectivity, is poised to revolutionize how Filipinos enjoy streaming.