‘Silver Lining’ Musical: A Tale of Hope and Redemption–Exclusive Photos Tease the October Premiere

MANILA, Philippines—In a world often filled with challenges and adversity, the prospect of discovering a ‘Silver Lining’ is a promise that resonates deeply with the human spirit. This October, the stage is set to come alive with a remarkable musical production that embraces the essence of hope and redemption. Titled ‘Silver Lining,’ this captivating theatrical journey invites audiences to experience a story that transcends hardship and celebrates the resilience of the human soul.

As anticipation builds for the October premiere, we offer you an exclusive glimpse into the heart of this extraordinary production. Through a collection of exclusive photos, we unveil the visual tapestry that will soon grace the stage, promising a theatrical spectacle that will inspire, uplift, and remind us all of the enduring power of hope.

Meet the Creative Team

Images Courtesy Rockitwell Studios.

Meet the Cast

Images Courtesy Rockitwell Studios.

In their senior years, three close friends from an exclusive boys’ high school plan to form a band for their Golden Anniversary Homecoming. But when time constraints limit their performance to just three songs, they decide to create a musical instead. This production becomes a journey of rediscovery, intertwining their past in the turbulent ’70s with the challenges faced by today’s youth. “Silver Lining” is a story of hope, redemption, and the enduring power of friendship across generations.

Images Courtesy Rockitwell Studios.

Mark your calendars for a spellbinding theatrical experience that will unfold across six exclusive showings:

  • October 20 (Friday) 8 PM
  • October 21 (Saturday) 8 PM
  • October 22 (Sunday) 3 PM
  • October 27 (Friday) 8 PM
  • October 28 (Saturday) 8 PM
  • October 29 (Sunday) 3 PM

Tickets are available from September and the cast announcement is yet to follow. For interested show and section buyers, contact silverliningmusical2023@gmail.com;johnmarkyap29@gmail.com; and (+639) 77 827 9005