MINTeatro Stages George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Saint Joan’ this November

MANILA, Philippines—In the month of November, MINTeatro, the distinguished theater organization of Meridian International College, proudly unveils its forthcoming presentation of “Saint Joan” by George Bernard Shaw. Under the insightful direction of Nelsito Gomez, known for his directorial prowess in productions such as “Uncle Jane” and “La Boheme,” this production showcases an exclusively student-led cast.

This compelling narrative delves into the legendary persona of Joan of Arc, delving into the complex interplay between her unwavering resolve and the purported divine voices guiding her actions.

Shaw’s portrayal unfolds as Joan transcends societal norms, driven by a fervent mission to champion her French compatriots. As she encounters both opportunistic allies and vehement adversaries, the play navigates the intricate dynamics of belief, determination, and the contentious divide between skepticism and unwavering faith.

Image Courtesy of MINTeatro.

Meet the Cast

  • Giselle Giorgia as Joan
  • Ian Magdale as Charles 
  • Ysh Bautista as Robert De Baudricourt & Cauchon
  • G Roi Reyno as Poulengey & the Inquisitor
  • Vince Go as Archbishop
  • Renz Buela as Steward & Chaplain
  • Zed Pagkalinawan as Dunois
  • Nicolo Meily as La Trémouille & Ladvenu
  • Miguel Salaya as La Hire & Warwick
  • Huil Lee as Bluebeard & Executioner

Prepare for an enthralling performance set to grace the stage at the Playhouse, 2F, CIP Building, McKinley Hill. The scheduled shows are on November 17, 18, 24, & 25 at 7 PM, with matinee presentations on the 18th and 25th at 2 PM. General Audience tickets are available at a price of 400 pesos.

To secure your seats, kindly reserve your tickets at

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