Witness the Trailblazing Effects in the Live-Action ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Trailer

MANILA, Philippines—Leading up to the highly anticipated debut of Yu Yu Hakusho next week, the trailer provides a glimpse into the groundbreaking visual effects that elevate the portrayal of intense battles between humans and demons, setting a new benchmark for live-action adaptations.

The five-episode series authentically captures the essence of the original best-selling manga by seamlessly incorporating supernatural elements in a visually realistic manner. This achievement is credited to the collaboration with Scanline VFX, renowned for their contributions to major Hollywood productions.

Visual effects director Tomofumi Akahane explained, “The extent to which CGI characters can be presented in close-up depends on factors like camera distance, dialogue, and facial expressions. With Scanline VFX on board, we surpassed the capabilities of any other Japanese title, achieving a quality where the average viewer won’t discern CGI from reality.”

Leveraging the latest performance capture technology, the team utilized 170 cameras simultaneously filming actors in 360 degrees. This innovative approach allows director Sho Tsukikawa to select the optimal angle post-production, resulting in realistic CG character assets seamlessly interacting with live-action elements.

Recreating Epic Battles Between Humans and Demons

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

In the multifaceted world of Yu Yu Hakusho, encompassing the Human World, Demon World, and Spirit World, the production team faced the intricate challenge of crafting demons from scratch. The visually complex battles, especially those involving the Toguro Brothers, presented unique hurdles due to differences in actor and character sizes. Visual effects advisor Ryo Sakaguchi addressed this by creating 3D models of the characters, seamlessly integrating them into the scenes.

Given actors’ unfamiliarity with CGI, the team implemented innovative solutions, such as using a stunt person in blue clothes for dynamic combat scenes. Action director Takahito Ouchi emphasized the importance of capturing actors’ passion to bring realism to scenes where they must imagine enemies not physically present.