Viewers Will Be Greeted at the Gate to the Utmost Revenge in the ‘Glory Part 2’

GLOBAL NEWS—A glimpse of Dong-eun’s continued revenge can be seen in the Part 2 teaser trailer and character photos. The Glory tells the tale of a woman who, as a result of childhood violence, has a broken soul and dedicates her life to a meticulous web of vengeance against all the accomplices who brought her nightmare.

In the teaser trailer, Yeon-jin says,“I’ve done nothing wrong, Dong-eun,” without a flicker of shame as Dong-eun’s chilling wrath intensifies, fueling anticipation for how Dong-eun’s vengeance will turn out. All eyes are on Dong-eun’s lifetime revenge, which will unfold in The Glory Part 2, releasing on Netflix March 10.

The 8 characters featured in the posters are all entangled in Moon Dong-eun’s detailed plan, those that help her; Joo Yeo-jeong, Kang Hyeon-nam and Ha Do-yeong, and the perpetrators; Park Yeon-jin, Jeon Jae-jun, Lee Sa-ra, Choi Hye-jeong, and Son Myeong-o. Viewers also look forward to more of Song Hye-kyo, as she received praise for leading the series with her stellar acting.  

When The Glory Part 1 was released in December 2021, it quickly gained popularity on social media and gave rise to numerous parodies and memes. In addition, for five weeks following its debut, it was placed among the top 10 non-English TV shows on Netflix’s global list. 

The story of the surveillance and closing in on the lives of Yeon-jin and the other perpetrators will continue in The Glory Part 2, which will also show how they fall the ‘hell’ that Dong-eun has meticulously plotted out for them. This will satisfy the desire of the audience for an exciting conclusion.

Images courtesy of Netflix

On March 10th, The Glory Part 2 will be accessible to viewers worldwide on Netflix.