All the Exciting New Series and Films Coming to Netflix this April

MANILA, Philippines—Netflix continues to dominate the whole world with its impressive catalogue of hit series and films. This April, expect the streaming platform giant to continue its trend of releasing quality shows and originals.

Chill out this summer with Netflix

Enjoy a hot summer break with Netflix. The sexy and mysterious Elite is back with a new season. Get ready for a new perpetrator and mystery as the students of Las Encinas find themselves drowning in more secrets. And make sure to catch Dirty Lines and Along for the Ride.

Elite Season 5: April 8

Dirty Lines: April 8

Selling Sunset Season 5: April 22

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Along for the Ride: April 22

Happy Earth Day!

Don’t miss ‘Our Great National Parks,’ narrated by former U.S. President Barack Obama, about the world’s greatest national parks and wild spaces. Watch, too, ‘Youth v Gov,’ which follows 21 young plaintiffs suing the U.S. Government for its inaction towards the climate crisis.

The Creature Cases: April 12

Our Great National Parks: April 13

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Youth v Gov: April 29

Awesome Anime

Anime fans, get ready for more ‘Ultraman.’ Ultraman is back and now joined by Seven, Ace, Zoffy, Jack and Taro. Together, the United Brotherhood takes on a new alien threat. Other anime titles to watch this month are ‘Pacific Rim: The Black: Season 2‘ and ‘Fruits Basket The Final.’

Pacific Rim: The Black: Season 2: April 19

Ultraman: Season 2: April 14

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Fruits Basket The Final: April 30

Fun for the Family

The Last Bus: April 1

Green Eggs and Ham: Season 2: April 8

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles: April 28

Your Top Picks this Month

Our Blues: April 9

Tomorrow: April 1

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Bubble: April 28

More titles you shouldn’t miss

Apollo 10 12 A Space Age Childhood: April 1

Yaksha Ruthless Operations: April 8

The In Between: April 8

Anatomy of a Scandal: April 15

Choose or Die: April 15

Better Call Saul Season 6: April 19

Russian Doll Season 2: April 20

Heartstopper: April 22

Production still courtesy of Netflix

Ozark Season 4 Part 2: April 29

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