Netflix Releases the First Teaser Poster for the Upcoming Series ‘Black Knight’—and No One Is Breathing

GLOBAL NEWS—The Netflix series Black Knight has begun to emerge with the release of its first teaser poster. The series, set in a dystopian future version of Korea, follows the journey of refugee Sa-wol and the legendary deliveryman 5-8 as he battles the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Gang. The country is ravaged by extreme air pollution, rendering it uninhabitable without an oxygen mask.  

When the first-look still of Kim Woo-bin portraying the legendary deliveryman ‘5-8’ was released in January, it sparked a wave of excitement among fans. In “a world without air”, the delivery men, also known as the black knights, deliver oxygen and necessities to the 1% of the population who lived through the extreme desertification. 

The first teaser poster for Black Knight offers a glimpse into the series’ setting, a world completely engulfed in sand. A used oxygen mask lies discarded on a barren landscape, where the ruins of collapsed high-rise buildings loom in the distance with no signs of life. A figure resembling the legendary deliveryman 5-8 walks away from a massive truck, leaving viewers with a sense of intrigue for the story to unfold.

The bar is set high, as all eyes are on the fantastic ensemble of seasoned actors. Kim Woo-bin plays the legendary deliveryman, a.k.a ‘5-8’, Song Seung-heon as the only heir to the powerful Cheonmyeong Group, Kang You-seok as a boy who dreams of becoming a deliveryman and Esom as the Defense Intelligence Command major. These characters bring depth and complexity to the narrative, each with unique perspectives and motivations.

Director Cho Ui-Seok, who is renowned for his tightly-knit narrative and cathartic action sequences, spearheads the production.

The second quarter of 2023 will see the exclusive Netflix premiere of Black Knight.