Netflix Presents a Thrilling Array of Unscripted Japanese Programs

MANILA, Philippines—Netflix unveils a thrilling array of Japanese unscripted content, from daring variety shows to inventive dating formats. At the APAC Unscripted Showcase, Dai Ota, Netflix Japan Content Manager, offers a glimpse into five reality series showcasing Japan’s unique entertainment culture. 

“As we venture into a new content phase, we’re intensifying our unscripted investments and introducing innovative concepts to the screen. Our aim is to redefine the unscripted landscape with top-notch production values and narratives driven by Japan’s most ingenious creative minds,” Ota expressed.

The global resonance of the Japanese reality series has spurred Netflix to explore a broad spectrum of genres, with an ongoing development of 15 titles. Ota emphasized, “Our commitment lies in becoming the premier hub for immersive, authentic, and unmissable unscripted experiences.”


Image Courtesy of Netflix.

Get ready to witness a remarkable transformation of Japan’s celebrated musician-actor, Gen Hoshino, and the uproarious comedian from the renowned duo Audrey, Masayasu Wakabayashi. In the upcoming LIGHTHOUSE series, these two luminaries embark on a profound six-month dialogue rooted in a unique ‘single-line journal’ concept. This unfiltered exchange delves into the depths of their personal narratives, challenges, and fears—offering an intimate glimpse into their lives for both viewers and each other.

This series redefines comedic entertainment, presenting Japan’s foremost entertainers in an entirely new light. This innovative journey premieres exclusively on Netflix, illuminating screens on August 22nd.

Is She The Wolf?

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

This dating show’s evolution began on ABEMA, introducing contestants with secret ‘wolf’ identities forbidden to fall in love. In collaboration with ABEMA, Netflix has transformed the concept for a global audience, expanding storytelling boundaries. Premiering worldwide on September 3, ‘Is She The Wolf?’ is set to captivate viewers with its intriguing twist on romance

Love Village

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

This groundbreaking dating show on Netflix’s first season this year, spotlighted individuals aged 35 to 60 on their quest for love. This marked the debut of a Japanese reality show embracing this demographic. As Season 2 approaches, creative innovation continues. Fresh contestants and beloved hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky return to explore this concept further, promising more heartwarming moments.

Last One Standing

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

The unscripted comedy’s equivalent to South Korea’s Squid Game returns for Season 2 on Netflix. The debut season last year witnessed Japanese comedians engaging in spontaneous hilarity by weaving humorous tales while participating in a dramatic series. In the upcoming Season 2, launching on October 10, a fresh set of Japan’s comedians will once again regale viewers with their anecdotes. The reins of this new season are confidently held by renowned creator-producer Nobuyuki Sakuma.

Love Like a K-Drama

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

Four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors come together in a groundbreaking hybrid, vying for leading roles in six K-dramas. Studio emcees Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), Aa-CHAN (Perfume), Shusuke Fukutoku (Jarujaru), Hayato Komori (GENERATIONS), and Maria Tani provide lively commentary. Mark your calendars for the premiere on Netflix, on November 28.