Korean Crime Thriller ‘Target’ Takes Aim at Cinemas in October

MANILA, Philippines—The upcoming Korean thriller “Target” draws inspiration from real-life reports of individuals falling victim to organized online scams, highlighting the alarming potential of such encounters. Director Park Hee-kon aimed to create a film that mirrors contemporary issues surrounding second-hand deal fraud, and to achieve authenticity, he consulted with law enforcement officers to gain insights into the arrest process and the challenges they face.

The movie stars Shin Hae-sun in the lead role, alongside acclaimed actors Kim Sung-kyun and Kang Tae-oh, known for their roles in popular dramas. Shin Hae-sun portrays Soo-hyun, an ordinary office worker who becomes the target of a relentless killer after buying a defective second-hand washing machine. Her performance skillfully captures Soo-hyun’s emotional journey from anger and fear to despair as she grapples with the threat. Notably, Soo-hyun evolves from a passive victim to a determined investigator, adding depth to the character.

Images Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Kim Sung-kyun takes on the role of veteran detective Joo from the cybercrime unit, assigned to investigate Soo-hyun’s case. At the same time, Kang Tae-oh plays junior detective Na, who enthusiastically approaches each case despite his rookie status.

Images Courtesy of Warner Bros.

“Target” offers a realistic portrayal of online crimes and personal information exchange in today’s digital age. The film is set to open in local (Ph) cinemas on October 18, distributed by Warner Bros. through Encore Films (Ph).