iQIYI’s ‘Make A Wish’ Goes Viral for Iconic Kiss Scenes Between An Adorable Human-Cat Couple

GLOBAL — Following the worldwide success of C-dramas “Moonlight” and “The Day of Becoming You”, the latest original series from iQiyi, “Make a Wish” has sparked many trending topics on Weibo since its release. Starring Ren Youlun and Gia Ge, this romantic series makes audiences worldwide crazy about a human-cat couple and their four iconic kisses. 

“Make a Wish” tells the story of Hugh, a white cat from the Meow Planet, who is saved from a car accident by a young bookstore owner named Chi Yan after stumbling onto planet Earth. Hugh must grant her savior a wish in order to return to her planet. However, the laid-back Chi Yan does not wish for anything at all, making it hard for Hugh to repay his kindness. As she tries to compel Chi Yan to make a genuine wish, a magical love story between a human and a cat ensues. 

Make A Wish, Photo still courtesy of iQIYI

Fans affectionately call Ren a “fatherly boyfriend” as he dotes on Gia like a “baby kitten”, and he even searches “ways to tame a cat” on the Internet to get along with her better, setting an example of a perfect boyfriend because of his supportive, caring and attentive ways. With their heart-warming interactions, this human-cat couple takes romantic dramas to another level, treating the audience to four iconic kiss scenes – the drunken kiss, the assertive confession kiss, the garden kiss and the blue tears kiss – each one having viewers jump for joy in front of their screens.

●  The drunken kiss: Ren is jealous because Gia goes on a date with another man, and after drowning his sorrows in wine, Ren becomes a drunken mess and passes out in his room. Gia takes care of him and takes the opportunity to confess her love to him. Ren then unconsciously buries his head into her chest and accidentally kisses Gia. Despite being their first kiss, it is the one that seals the deal.

●  The assertive confession kiss: after Gia finally musters the courage to tell Ren how she feels, Ren rejects her with a pathetic excuse. Later, Gia finds herself stuck on an island. While looking for her, Ren realizes how much he cares about her and finally says back to her, “I like you”. After professing his love, Ren kisses Gia for a whole five seconds and makes their relationship official.

●  The garden kiss: Ren reads a romantic novel to Gia in the garden, and as the story develops, Gia becomes emotional. In the heat of the moment, Ren gives her an affectionate kiss. However, later that night, Ren is maliciously stabbed and Gia takes him to hospital. With his blood on her hands, Gia is devastated and heartbroken.

●  The blue tears kiss: Ren takes Gia to the sea which is filled with blue tears. Gia is so happy that she thanks him with a kiss. Ren gazes at Gia, his eyes full of affection, and then kisses her back. The audience can undoubtedly agree that their eye contact is “as sweet as honey”. Hailed as the most beautiful kiss scene in the entire drama, this is certainly not one to be missed.

Make A Wish, Photo still courtesy of iQIYI

“Make a Wish” is now streaming, with new episodes released every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on iQiyi app and