Director Kim Yong-Hwa Reflects on His Casting Mastery Behind the Stellar ‘The Moon’ Cast

SOUTH KOREA—Director Kim Yong-hwa’s praises flow for ‘The Moon” cast’s phenomenal performances. Glowing with satisfaction over the mesmerizing synergy shared among the main actors – Sul Kyung Gu, Doh Kyung-soo, and Kim Hee-ae – Director Kim shared, ‘Their mastery is such that even when performing individually, their emotions, tones, and gestures were harmoniously synchronized, a truly astonishing revelation.”

Within this gripping, emotionally charged space odyssey, Korea’s initial lunar mission culminates in a tragic calamity due to an onboard explosion. Seven years later, a subsequent human space venture takes flight successfully, only to falter under the influence of a potent solar wind. Astronaut Sun-woo (Doh) finds himself marooned in the cosmos.

EXO’s Doh Kyung-soo plays an astronaut (Sun-woo) stranded in space in “The Moon.”

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

As another imminent catastrophe looms, the Naro Space Center turns to its former director, Dr. Kim (Sul), to orchestrate Sun-woo’s safe return. In the narrative, the three central characters each inhabit distinct realms: the Korean Naro Space Center (Sul), the infinite expanse of space (Doh), and NASA in the United States (Kim).

Sul Kyung-gu is Dr. Kim Jae-goo of the Korean Naro Space Center in “The Moon.”

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Fortuitously, the director shared that the impeccable artistry of these gifted actors kindles a chemistry that transcends the 384,000-kilometer expanse between the Moon and Earth. In ‘The Moon,” each character’s journey unfolds within separate domains, requiring them to convey their depth through virtual connections and telephone exchanges. The director lauded the actors for immersing themselves deeply in their roles, allowing the viewers to imbibe the fervent energy that propels the narrative without growing fatigued.

Kim Hee-ae is Yoon Moon-young, the director of NASA’s Lunar Gateway, in “The Moon.”

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

‘The Moon”, an enthralling, emotionally charged epic of action, emerges as one of Korea’s most eagerly anticipated films of the year. Alongside the brilliant ensemble is ‘The World of the Married’s’ own Kim Hee-ae.

Set to exclusively grace Philippine cinemas on August 16, this cinematic gem is distributed by Columbia Pictures, a local arm of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Join the conversation with #TheMoonMoviePH