Week In Review: Hits, Misses, and Things to Do to Keep You in the Loop

Pop culture, as documented by the Internet through its deep well of dynamic content, captures the evolving zeitgeist of the generation. As we introduce this weekly roundup of everything pop culture, we scour the Internet for top news, events, and conversations that you need to be in the loop of.

This week, fresh drops and highly-anticipated releases abound in social media with news of exciting collabs and upcoming projects that score a big win for local and international entertainment. From the latest in the music scene, films and series that need to be in our binge list, to art and lifestyle events to add to your calendar, here’s your pop culture fix for the week:

Listening Station

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift unite for a new anthem

What a great time to be alive and witness another collaborative song from Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift as they dropped “The Joker and the Queen.”

After their 2012 track “Everything has Changed,” “End Game” in 2017, and the recent “Run” from Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version), the good old friends decided to give us another duet from off Sheeran’s album “=” (Equals) released back in 2021. 

Like a cinematic universe, the song release is accompanied with a music video as a sequel to the “Everything Has Changed” video, and portrayed by the same characters from back then.

Moira dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo in emotional ballad “Iba” 

Two of the most popular and most streamed artists in the country today one that serenades and one that lyrically breaks heart; Moira dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo drop a collaboration, “Iba” 

The two singer-songwriters released a song with that lyrically narrates a relationship that is slowly losing its flame.“Iba” is Moira’s first release this 2022, and the third release for Zack Tabudlo after his rendition of “Give me your Forever” with Thai artist Bilkin and a collaborative single “HATDOG” with James Reid.

The 7th Wish Music Awards


Featuring the anticipated presentation of various Filipino artists, the 7th #WishMusicAwards kicked off via livestream last February 7 hosted by Gretchen Ho and Xian Lim.

KZ Tandingan, Moira Dela Torre, Ben&Ben, SB19, The Juans, Arthur Nery, Zack Tabudlo, Zephanie, Lyca Gairanod, and VXON, took the stage for this annual tradition of celebrating the best of Filipino music.

With the massive support of fans of different genres of Filipino music, the artist performances trend on Twitter and topping that is the P-Pop kings, SB19. What? Like it’s hard? SB19, Moira Dela Torre and Ben&Ben bag major awards and this year, VXON won the monster rookie P-pop award. 

BigBang in full throttle

Image via YG Entertainment

Four years since the world missed the enchanting melodies and songs by the KPop royalty, BigBang, this 2022, breaking their hiatus after their Mandatory Military service, the boys are reported to once again set the charts on fire with their anticipated comeback.

Confirmed by YG entertainment, BigBang will release their comeback within the year following their last album “Flower Road” released in 2018. However, with the group’s lead rapper, T.O.P.’s looming contract expiration with the entertainment company, he is reportedly set to leave YG and pursue his personal endeavors. YG, however, clarified that the performer is still part of BigBang and will join the groups activities if circumstances permit.

VIPs, the group’s fandom name, who experienced drought with the boys’ content now has a motivation to look forward to the upcoming months.  

Screening Room

Veteran Actor Mon Confiado stars in thriller film The Expat

Diving into the world of indie films, veteran Filipino actor Mon Confiado shares a film he will star in, titled The Expat, directed by New York-based film director and producer Greg Segal.

The plot revolves around a retired American Marine in the Philippines (Lev Gorn) who appears to be implicated in a series of killings when his partners are murdered. Confiado, on the other hand, plays a homicide detective in charge of the investigation.

According to the actor-producer’s Facebook post, the release dates will be distributed in North America and Canada by May of this year, while the Philippine release date is yet to be announced.

Bahay na Pula opens its doors this Feb 25 on Viva Max

Shooting a horror movie lies another thrilling story. Bahay na Pula, a film directed by award-winning film director Brillante Mendoza, starring Julia Barreto, Xian Lim, Marco Gumabao.

The premise of the story revolves around two couples who went to Mindoro to sell the ancestral house that Jane (Julia Barreto) inherits from her grandmother. However, as they wait for the house to be sold, the Municipal council issued a resolution that the ancestral house will be declared as a National Historic site. The real horrors creep in as they stay in the bahay na pula.

Bahay na Pula will start streaming on VivaMax on February 25, and it is one of the 52 movies and series under the 2022 slate of projects of Viva Films. 

Disney and Pixar release the new official trailer of Lightyear

In the Toy Story world, Buzz Lightyear serves as a merchandise from the movie that its lead human character, Andy, had watched before joining the young boy’s group of soon-to-be discarded toys. This year, Angus MacLane, director of Lightyear, made it possible to show why Andy grew fond of Buzz.

In the recent trailer released by Disney and Pixar, the film tells the story of a young pilot, voiced by Chris Evans, who then became a space ranger fighting gigantic robots and facing the infamous villain Zurg.

Lightyear is set in the ‘real world’ of space rangers, outside the world lived by the famous animated character on the Toy Story global franchise. Set to land on June17, 2022, the sci-fi-action film showed what to expect in the film with new faces and companions.

It’s a yes for another Jordan Peele thriller

Horror maestro, director and producer Jordan Peele returns with a video drop of his upcoming film Nope starring Daniel Kaaluya, who formerly starred in Get out, together with Steven Yuen, Keke Palmer, Barbie Ferreira and more.

The plot of Nope remains a mystery to fans anticipating another directorial film from Peele but the teaser dropped on Super Bowl Sunday made good in building excitement for the upcoming film.

After the success of Get Out in 2017 and Us in 2019, Nope could very well be one Peele’s social commentary delivered under the guise of horror-suspense film likening it to its predecessors.

Universal Pictures reports that the film is set to be released in theaters on July 22.

Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Seo-jeong make a new Business Proposal

Among the rich line-ups of KDrama to watch out this 2022 is Business Proposal. Based on a popular web novel turned into a webtoon and now a live action Korean drama,  fans are looking forward to Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop in this new office romantic comedy. 

Weeks before releasing the first episode, SBS released another teaser to thrill viewers with the chemistry of the new love team. The teaser includes the scenes of Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop), a young CEO who doesn’t know failure, challenged by his grandfather with marriage. 

Culture and the Arts

SamsungXBTS for a Climate Change Advocacy Campaign

Samsung combined efforts with the Global Septet Artists BTS for their Global Advocacy Campaign “Galaxy for the Planet.” Released on February 10, Thursday, Samsung launched a two-minute video featuring the Korean pop supergroup with powerful messages on environmental issues as part of the advocacy campaign.

Samsung began to incorporate recycled materials on their new releases of mobile products with “ocean-bound discarded fishing nets.” In a press release, the electronic company stated, “These devices will reflect our ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and expand the use of other eco-conscious materials, such as recycled post-consumer material (PCM) and recycled paper.” 

The Brand Ambassadors joined the introduction of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 which includes Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 series with Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra. 

This gallery opens after 2 years of “hiatus” to promote contemporary visual arts


After two long years, ArtistSpace, a gallery that houses and promotes contemporary visual arts, opens its doors once again to cater foreign and local artists.

The gallery just announced their reopening with a partnership with Pinto Art Museum, and The Saturday Group as they feature the solo Exhibition  “The Journey Continues” by a Filipino visual artist Joy Rojas.

The art exhibition is available for viewing from February 21 to March 6, 2022, at the Ground level of Ayala Museum Annex, Makati Avenue, Greenbelt Park, Makati City.


Online Video Creator angers the Internet anew with ‘insensitive’ release

Whenever video creator Darryl Yap trends on social media, it has always been due to his often brutally crass content, and this time is not an exception.  With the upcoming elections, one of his ‘Len-Len’ series entitled “Pagod Len-Len” with online actress Roanna Marie, noontime show contestant Juliana Parizcova Segovia, and daughter of dictator, Imee Marcos, allegedly mocked workers with a statement, “Anyone who claims to work 18 hours a day is either LYING or STUPID.”

Netizens quickly criticized this note as frontliners, media personnel, and different labor groups are living proof that this is neither a lie or a gimmick. With this deliberate lack of ethical considerations, Yap is once again, being called out as he is known for creating deeply-polarizing content that consistently raise the ire of the Internet-at-large, with false claims of “satire”.

And just like that, Toni Gonzaga called out for being an “unbothered queen


When the official campaign period commenced last February 8, Toni Gonzaga, former television host and actress and now YouTuber and campaign host for the UniTeam, took the spotlight on Twitter with her show of support to candidates that didn’t sit well with a huge number of Filipinos online.

Gonzaga hosted the campaign rally of the tandem Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., and Sara Duterte, which includes introducing Rep. Rodante Marcoleta, the running senator of the BBM slate and one of the representatives who voted and pushed for the rejection of the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN, the home company of the actress for 17 years. 

After the backlash she received, the actress took to Instagram to say that she is an “Unbothered Queen” from all these online hate, which drew more attention as it didn’t only portray a lack of respect to her company but also to the thousands of employees that were laid back due to closure of the media giant. 

Acclaimed film director and producer, Erik Matti, best puts it in a lengthy Instagram piece, “To give your support to any political candidate whether or not out of affinity, blood or loyalty is between you and your conscience. You can do whatever you want with your celebrity power and God’s guidance because this is a free world, after all. But to be brazen, arrogant and snooty makes all of it despicable, disgusting and really crude.”