These Fresh Tarsier Records Tunes Talk of Life’s Highs and Lows

MANILA, Philippines—From then until now, music has always resonated best with listeners when it comes from personal experiences or highlights universal themes that people can relate to regardless of their circumstances or perspectives in life.

From Tarsier Records’ fresh pool of artists, here are some new tunes to make you feel like you’re not going through life’s highs and lows alone.

Call You” by allen&elle  

Image courtesy of Tarsier Records

This dance, gospel-soul track is the second single from allen&elle under Tarsier Records. Inspired by the duo’s day-to-day struggles, “Call You” is a captivating up-tempo track that is sure to evoke a variety of emotions from listeners.

Speaking on the song’s message, allen&elle said, “When everything just keeps repeating and gets overwhelming, we become exhausted and held back from moving forward. ‘Call You’ focuses on those struggles may it be emotionally or mentally, and emphasizes why we should call for help especially from those we love and trust because we are not made to keep these to ourselves.”

Uh-Oh” by RELDEN

Image courtesy of Tarsier Records

Singer-songwriter RELDEN’s debut single is a powerful anthem directed towards those who constantly bring down others by pointing out their flaws.

Bursting with an enigmatic melody paired with words in English-Bisaya, “Uh-Oh” is an unconventional pop song in which RELDEN leaves a striking reminder for the bullies and herself: “I want to remind people to be kind with their words because a phrase they say might be someone’s pain pill. I just really want to establish that I’m sad, insecure, and have been taken for granted but that’s okay because I’m a badass.”

If you feel like you recognize RELDEN’s lavish, flowing vocals from somewhere, you wouldn’t be wrong; she’s also the vocalist for popular Cebu-based electro-pop duo Route 83. RELDEN premieres what promises to be an electrifying solo project under Tarsier Records with “Uh-Oh.”

DAYDREAM” EP by Wav Runr

Image courtesy of Tarsier Records

Music producer Wav Runr exhibits his unique soundscapes in his “DAYDREAM” EP, creating an audio-theater experience that seeks to touch the lives of listeners. He explained, “The story behind ‘DAYDREAM’ is someone who experienced rock bottom, yet sees the luxuries as obtainable in the form of a Daydream. All in.”

Indeed, through the project that also serves as a tribute to Wav Runr’s late father and best friend, he proves that music can connect even without words. 

Listen to allen&elle’s “Call You,” RELDEN’s “Uh-Oh,” and Wav Runr’s “DAYDREAM” EP out now on various digital music streaming services.

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