SPOTTED: Julie Anne San Jose Graces Times Square Billboard in New York City with Spotify

NEW YORK, USA — Up on New York City’s iconic Times Square is Filipino actress-singer Julie Ann San Jose, featured for music streaming platform Spotify. The award-winning hitmaker got featured on the electronic billboard found right at the center of Times Square for Spotify’s “Equal” campaign which aims to femme-power women all around the world.

Julie Anne San Jose is also this month’s cover photo for Spotify’s Equal Philippines playlist and her single FREE is featured on Spotify’s Equal Global playlist alongside international artists such as Doja Cat, Ariana Grande and David Guetta among many others.

Photo courtesy of Universal Records

Behind the song “FREE” was a team of genius producers both from the US and the Philippines — Herdy Casseus, Andrew Gonzales, Carlisle Tabanera and Ito Rapadas. Julie Anne San Jose also co-wrote the song with Eduardo Gonzalez and Denise Pimping.

Check out the official music video for “Free” below: