Happy 10 Years to Little Mix, the Girl Group Who Raised Countless of This Generation’s Young Women to be Strong, Brave, and Independent

In 2011, the first and only group to win X-Factor was born on a whim, putting together four strangers to form, what would be, this generation’s biggest girl band. Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and former member Jesy Nelson banded together to launch Little Mix into the world, marking an era of girl power and so many hit songs. This month of August, the group celebrates their 10-year anniversary with a bang, commemorating all they’ve achieved in the last decade, and how far more they’re ready to go in the years to come.


If you’re unfamiliar with Little Mix, they’re a British girl group that has made history time and time again in awards, charts, and more. Backed up by a fandom they raised from teenagers to young adults, officially known as “Mixers”, the group has reached an incredible milestone in celebrating 10 years together—a feat not many groups could say they’ve achieved. While most groups would go their separate ways after a few years of success together, Little Mix has established themselves from early on as a group that sticks together, and does not give in to petty fights and catty drama. Much to the dismay of anti-fans and tabloids.

As we celebrate 10 years with the girls, here are some reasons we’re proud to stan Little Mix (and why you should too):

They are all advocates for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, and anti-cyberbullying.

As four powerful women in their own right, each Little Mix member has a specific cause they advocate for, on top of what the group stands for as a unit. They’ve all used their million-follower platforms to promote real issues, either through the messages they send out through music or their individual social media accounts.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock, as the only black member in the group, has recently released a documentary on race and racism in the industry, founded an organization that funds black creatives called “The Black Fund”, and has promoted the Black Lives Matter movement several times on her personal page. Jade Thirlwall, who is Egyptian-Yemeni in descent, is a strong ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, and has used her platform to educate fans and those around her about issues concerning the community. She has also marched on several occasions at various Pride parades, spoke out about injustices against LGBTQ members, and many more.

Perrie Edwards, meanwhile, has used her platform to raise awareness on mental health, voicing out her own experiences with anxiety throughout the years. She has also partnered with several organizations that talk about breast cancer awareness and various other health concerns. As for Jesy Nelson, who announced her departure from the band in late 2020 due to mental health reasons, her documentary on cyber-bullying, and social media trolling has been awarded and recognized on several occasions in the U.K. for its enlightening and very important discussion on mental health.

While each member has their own individual advocacies they’re passionate about, they also still remain outspoken about all of these causes, and do their part in educating themselves and those around them on Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ rights, mental health, cyberbullying, and more.

They’re emblems for women empowerment and female success.

This year, Little Mix became the first-ever female act to win Best Group at the Brit Awards, the U.K. industry’s Grammy’s. During their speech, they brought this to light, noting how the girl groups that came before them—Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, etc.—deserve it just as much as they do, but were never recognized because of the misogynistic culture of the industry. The girls gave all these female bands a shoutout during their speech as they bore the [metaphorical] flag of women empowerment on the stage.

They have also spoken out about the mistreatment women face in the music industry on several interviews, recalling the gross way they’ve been pushed to flirt with executives when they were younger to get radio play.

A rich discography of empowering bangers, emotional ballads, and songs that’ll make you feel good enough to dance.

With six albums under their name, the Little Mix discography is a wide collection of tracks from a variety of genres—pop, R&B, acoustic, dance, ballad, and a few experiments here and there. But something that is clear from their tracks, most of which are self-written, is their either subtle or straightforward message of empowerment. As majority of the group’s audience are young girls and women, a resounding theme of women empowerment thread throughout their records, even those that will get you hitting the dance floor.

Moreover, as four main vocalists, the harmonies that Little Mix do in their songs are immaculate. Especially in their emotional power ballads that are sure to get you reaching for the tissue box. The girls also sing a lot of songs about their friendship with one another, adding a whole different layer into the lyrics.

With all that being said, the best part that has truly forged on their trailblazing success is the power behind their music. So in celebration of their career and legacy, here are some of their best hits through the years:

Little Mix’s Best Hits

Shoutout to My Ex

You probably have heard of this one but never knew who sang it. Here’s a powerful break-up anthem for the single folks out there.

Power (feat. Stormzy)

One of their biggest tracks on empowerment that is sure to pick you up on a bad day is Power. The music video for this single is also just as powerful, with plenty of meaning behind it.

Sweet Melody

If you want a dark pop song to imagine dancing in the club to, Sweet Melody‘s the one for you. That bridge is definitely one for the books.

Woman’s World

Most of Little Mix’s songs about misogyny is shrouded by pop-heavy beats and empowering messages. But Women’s World is a heart-wrenching ballad that speaks about the harsh reality of living in the world as a woman.

Little Me

Released as the second single in their sophomore album, Little Me is literally a message to their younger selves and younger fans on speaking up for yourself and believing in your own capabilities.

Secret Love Song, Pt. II

A lot of people already know Secret Love Song featuring Jason Derulo, especially here in the Philippines where it charted for the longest time, compared to other countries. But, what most people didn’t know is that this ballad is actually a song written about the LGBTQ community’s experience in hiding away their love from the world. The full essence of the track is found in the ten times more powerful Secret Love Song, pt. II.

Strip (feat. Sharaya J)

Strip is, once again, an empowering song about accepting yourself when you’re all stripped down. That means loving your belly, your flat chest, your natural hair, and everything about you.

Confetti (feat. Saweetie)

Released as their first project as a trio, Confetti the single is the perfect introduction to the girls as a new three-member group. The Saweetie feature also completely transforms the track and takes it to a whole other level of dancing.

Cheers to Little Mix—6 albums, 34 music videos, 29 singles, millions of fans, 2 babies on the way, and so many more achievements under their name. Here’s to the next ten years!