Fern. Blesses Our Ears with Lo-Fi Cuts and R&B Beats In His Debut Full Album ‘DREAMWALKER’

MANILA, Philippines — Officially marking his place among the Philippines’ most exciting new mavens, Fern. releases his debut full-length album, DREAMWALKER under Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Striking a balance between evocative lo-fi cuts and cutting-edge electronic R&B sounds, the singer-songwriter/producer embraces the significant shifts in contemporary music styles, while retaining the intimacy and emotional honesty that define the entirely of his songwriting style.

Fern. on “DREAMWALKER”, Image courtesy of Island Records Philippines

“This has been the most honest I’ve been when it comes to releasing music,” the young artist shares in a statement. “I rarely thought about how it would be received and every part of it came from genuine feelings that I was going through at a certain point. It honestly feels like I left a huge part of myself in the album and I have been given a chance to rediscover myself.”

Thematically speaking, DREAMWALKER comes from a place of love, whether it’s love for your partner, or love for your family and friends. The envelope-pushing artist explains, “I also want the listeners of the album to take it as it is. Whatever meaning or theme I intended it to be should not matter, I want people to genuinely connect with the song in their own special way.”

Fern. Image courtesy of Island Records Philippines

The 12-track album contains some of Fern.’s most sonically inviting and lyrically compelling songs to date, including the alt-R&B jam “LOOPING,” the stripped-down charmer “Kagandahan,” the languid bop “Baby Rye,” and the ethereal pop number “Whatever This Is.” But what makes DREAMWALKER work in the grand scheme of things, despite the variety thrown in good measure, is its ability to flow seamlessly as if its sequencing is intended to follow a structure of a well-defined narrative. Fern. adds, “When it comes to production, my sound has transformed because of the people around me, and I think what’s different with DREAMWALKER is that I actually felt comfortable with the beats I was making and every sound I put on the tracks made so much sense to me. There was just some kind of newfound confidence with the way I approached this project and it felt so much more fulfilling at the same time.”

Two years in the making, DREAMWALKER is written, composed, and produced by Fern., with notable collaborations from acclaimed producers and musicians such as Nouvul and Cavill. The new album is also Fern.’s most personal work to date, and serves as an earnest look into the prolific musician’s journey towards post-adolescent learnings and life misadventures.

“I always tell people DREAMWALKER has become more of a collection of memories and just an extension of myself and the people involved,” Fern. shares. “It is in every way reflective of who I’ve become as a person and as an artist, every track has a piece of my soul within them.”

Check out the full DREAMWALKER album below: