Miguel Odron Reimagines Air Supply Classic ‘Lost In Love’

MANILA, Philippines — As Tarsier Records continues its series of Air Supply remakes, Miguel Odron joins the fun with his own, self-produced, take of the karaoke classic ‘Lost In Love’.

Inspired by 8-bit theme songs from old video games, he incorporates lo-fi/ chill hop elements to a bed of bossa nova instrumentation and vocal delivery, inviting a whole new generation of listeners. The remake finds home in playlists while working, driving, or dining.

The track will come with a music video upon release, and will be part of Tarsier Records’ compilation album of Air Supply tributes set to be released within the year.

On remaking ‘Lost In Love’, the young artist recalled how he fought to push through with the particular track, and how staying in Siargao inspired the whole process:

“Tarsier asked me to be part of a tribute for Air Supply. I think somebody had already called dibs on Lost In Love, but I really fought to do this one because it’s such a beautiful classic.”

“I worked on this song in Siargao, one of the beautiful islands here in the Philippines, and I guess that’s how the breezy, island energy wormed its way into the production. I was also playing a bit of Pokemon. There’s a theme called ‘Rustboro City’ and you can hear those video game inspired elements throughout the song. Personally I’d listen to this on the road, while working out, or whenever i just wanna chill out. I’d like to hear it in a restaurant playlist or at a mall. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t need your full attention to be appreciated, it can just chill out in the back,” he added.

He also shared his excitement over the chance to reimagine such an iconic song in the music industry:

“I was excited to get a chance to reinterpret a song that’s loved by so many people and has been a part of key moments of people’s lives. The massive untouchable impact of the original freed me from the pressure of trying to do just as good, so I could really focus on just having fun with it and reproducing the song as if I wrote it myself. It was a lot of fun to make and I’m excited for people to hear it reimagined.” 

“Lost In Love” drops on all digital streaming platforms on March 26, 2021. Pre-save the track here