From ‘Tune in For Love’ to ‘D.P.’: A Rundown of All of Jung Hae-In’s Most Lovable and Swoon-Worthy Roles

MANILA, Philippines — A certified oppa with the sweet and romantic boy-next-door image, we’ve all found ourselves unable to resist Korean actor Jung Hae-in’s sweet smile and romantic looks. Beyond his attractiveness, Jung Hae-in also has some solid acting skills and has proved his range with nuanced portrayals. We’re super excited to see a different side of the actor in the new Netflix series D.P. While we’re still hungover from his stellar performance in the series, let’s take some time to appreciate some of Jung Hae-in’s most lovable characters thus far.

Tune in for Love — Cha Hyun-woo

Tune in for Love — Cha Hyun-woo, Photo courtesy of Netflix

You can’t help but root for Jung Hae-in’s character Hyun-woo in Tune in for Love. Hyun-woo goes through many difficult circumstances and is misunderstood due to having served time in juvenile detention even though he’s actually innocent. Beneath his quiet demeanor, lies a caring guy who can’t forget the woman he loves, Mi-soo. Hyun-woo is so swoon worthy when we see the lengths he goes to in trying to connect with Mi-soo over the years. His earnest and unchanging love is so sweet. 

One Spring Night — Yu Ji-ho

One Spring Night — Yu Ji-ho, Photo courtesy of Netflix

In One Spring Night, Jung Hae-in portrays single dad and pharmacist Yu Ji-ho. The actor is endearing no matter the role, but it’s especially adorable seeing his character dote on his son. Due to his experience in being a father, Ji-ho is more patient and mature than your typical K-drama lead. He’s a sensitive soul having gone through abandonment and experiencing social stigma related to single parenthood. Ji-ho is so kind-hearted and definitely the most handsome pharmacist we’ve seen!

Something in the Rain — Seo Jun-hui

Something in the Rain — Seo Jun-hui, Photo courtesy of Netflix

Something in the Rain featured Jung Hae-in in his first lead role and gave a large boost to the actor’s rising popularity. His character Jun-hui is basically your best friend’s younger brother who grew up into a very fine and good-looking man. Jun-hui loves fiercely and he’s very protective. Despite being powerless against people who don’t approve of his relationship, he remains brave and optimistic. The best moments of Jun-hui are when his romantic antics make our hearts flutter and feel giddy. 

Prison Playbook — Yoo Jeong-woo

Prison Playbook — Yoo Jeong-woo, Photo courtesy of Netflix

Through Prison Playbook, Jung Hae-in was able to show different sides of his character Captain Yoo. When he first enters the prison, the inmates fear him due to allegations of him assaulting a soldier to death. He struggles with the wrongful accusation, but also earns the trust of his fellow inmates resulting in some hilarious bickering chemistry. To our delight, we get to see Captain Yoo be serious, upright, petty, tearful, and more. This role really highlights Jung Hae-in’s acting range, and he looks so good in uniform!

While You Were Sleeping — Han U-tak

While You Were Sleeping — Han U-tak, Photo courtesy of Netflix

While You Were Sleeping helped put Jung Hae-in on the map with his role as officer Han U-tak. He gave us a good case of second lead syndrome while portraying an ideal policeman. While U-tak develops feelings for Hong-ju, he doesn’t reveal his feelings in order to respect Hong-ju’s and Jeong-chan’s growing feelings for each other. U-tak is a selfless character who doesn’t hesitate to help people even while endangering himself. How can he be so cute and hot at the same time?

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God — Choi Tae-hee

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God — Choi Tae-hee, Photo courtesy of Netflix

Popular series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God helped Jung Hae-in garner much attention earlier in his career. In the series, he portrays dapper Choi Tae-hee who is Eun-tak’s first love. He’s friendly, well-mannered, and looks so clean-cut in his baseball uniform. Through his appearance, he became everyone’s first love overnight and attracted a lot of buzz. He definitely made many viewers melt into a puddle with his charming and affectionate gaze.

D.P. — An Jun-ho

D.P. — An Jun-ho, Photo courtesy of Netflix

Since we can’t get enough Jung Hae-in, thank goodness we’ll be able to see more of him in the upcoming series D.P. This time, the talented actor will be portraying a different type of character from some of his more romantic roles. He will portray An Jun-ho, a young private who becomes a part of the Deserter Pursuit Unit and is tasked with capturing army deserters. Quiet and observant, Jun-ho will face the painful realities of deserters struggling with compulsory enlistment while chasing after them.

Which of Jung Hae-in’s characters do you love the most? Don’t miss out on seeing him in D.P., now streaming only on Netflix!