YARA Transforms Sexbomb Girls’ Classic ‘Bakit Papa?’ with Contemporary R&B Twist

MANILA, Philippines—P-Pop powerhouse YARA pays homage to the Y2K music era by infusing a contemporary twist into the iconic hit “Bakit Papa?” by the Sexbomb Girls, released today via Sony Music Entertainment. Celebrating the novelty classic that paved the way for all-women sing-and-dance pop groups, YARA adds a smooth modern touch with a hint of synth flair.

YARA’s rendition of “Bakit Papa?” leans towards R&B, embracing a sensual vibe that seamlessly blends with sultry choreography, marking a departure from the original’s style.

Image Courtesy of Sony Music.

The contemporary spin on “Bakit Papa?” is co-produced by the renowned hitmaker Thyro Alfaro, known for crafting chart-toppers for artists like Sarah Geronimo, James Reid, and Sam Concepcion. Collaborating with John Paul Soliva on arrangement and Niño of Popinoy on production, YARA’s creative direction shines through, resulting in an R&B bop that captures the essence of the original while reflecting the group’s distinct sass.

YARA takes pride in actively contributing to the creative process, working closely with Sony Music Entertainment to realize their artistic vision. From styling to choreography and promotional strategies, they collaborated with their label to ensure the best possible outcome.

The release of “Bakit Papa?” is accompanied by a performance video that exudes unapologetic fierceness and adds a sensual dimension to the mix, delivering a fun yet nostalgic experience.

Comprising Gelou, Rocher, Christa, and Kim, YARA is a four-member girl group making waves in the P-Pop scene under Sony Music Entertainment, alongside esteemed talents like SB19 and 4th Impact.

YARA’s “Bakit Papa?” is now available on all major digital music platforms worldwide through Sony Music Entertainment, with an exciting performance video set to follow.