The National Announces Ninth Studio Album ‘First Two Pages Of Frankenstein’ Dropping this April

GLOBAL NEWSThe National has announced that their ninth studio album, “First Two Pages of Frankenstein,” on April 28, 2023 through 4AD. “First Two Pages of Frankenstein”, anchored by evocative melodies and an engaging lyrical story, marks a new chapter in the band’s famous discography.

The National produced the 11-song album at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York, and it contains cameos by Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, and Sufjan Stevens.

After two back-to-back albums and several busy years of touring, First Two Pages of Frankenstein was initially stalled while lead singer Matt Berninger navigated, “a very dark spot where I couldn’t come up with lyrics or melodies at all. Even though we’d always been anxious whenever we were working on a record, this was the first time it ever felt like maybe things really had come to an end.” 

Instead, The National “managed to come back together and approach everything from a different angle, and because of that we arrived at what feels like a new era for the band,” according to guitarist/pianist Bryce Dessner, whose bandmates also include his brother Aaron (guitar/piano/bass) as well as brothers Scott Devendorf (bass, guitar) and Bryan Devendorf (drums).

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The band has also shared the first single off the album, the deceptively upbeat Tropic Morning News. Partly recorded live in Hamburg, the song merges its mercurial textures and kinetic rhythms with a lush yet subtle grandeur achieved through Bryce Dessner’s work with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

“When Matt came in with that song in the depths of his depression, it felt like a turning point for us,” says Aaron Dessner. “It’s almost Dylan-esque in its lyrics and it’s so much fun to play; everything suddenly felt like it was coming alive again.”

Co-written with Berninger’s wife Carin Besser, “Topic Morning News” takes its title from a phrase Besser invented to describe the regrettably routine practice of doomscrolling. “The idea of referring to the darkness of the news in such a light way unlocked something in me,” says Berninger. “It became a song about having a hard time expressing yourself, and trying to connect with someone when the noise of the world is drowning out any potential for conversation.”

First Two Pages of Frankenstein channels the group’s revitalized chemistry into a body of work that beautifully balances elegant musicality with The National’s more idiosyncratic impulses. Tracks such as “Grease in Your Hair” and “Ice Machines” were road-tested in 2022 before they were recorded, allowing the band to hone the material in real time (another song, “Weird Goodbyes” featuring Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, was released as a standalone track last August). “To me the power of this record has to do with the intentionality and structure of the music meeting with a lot of accidental magic,” says Aaron Dessner.

Formed in New York in 1999, The National’s last four albums have all been in the Top 5 in the UK charts, with 2017’s Grammy award-winning (for Best Alternative Album) “Sleep Well Beast ” hitting Number 1. In the US, The National have scored five top 10 albums on The Billboard 200.

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First Two Pages of Frankenstein track list:

Once Upon A Poolside (feat. Sufjan Stevens)


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This Isn’t Helping (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Tropic Morning News


The Alcott (feat. Taylor Swift)

Grease In Your Hair

Ice Machines

Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Send For Me

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