RAMENGVRL Drops Truth Bombs with Hot New Single ‘FACTS’

SINGAPORE—Indonesian rapper and hip hop artist RAMENGVRL has released a new banger ‘FACTS‘, the lead single from ‘asiatic.wav Vol. 1‘, an EP from Warner Music Asia’s regional label Asiatic Records out now. Fans can stream “FACTS” and the rest of the EP here.

RAMENGVRL explains about the track, “I always try my best to speak facts about the things around me, even if it’s a bit controversial. Like kids with the hottest shoes but never really wanna pay the bills, or like people who think they’re above everyone and everything now becoming the thing they hate the most—it’s just funny to me. But I’m trynna make it fun as well in this track—like spitting facts doesn’t have to be THAT serious, we can all laugh about it.”

Image courtesy of Asiatic Records

Known for her infectious bars and unique straight-to-the-point fashionable style, RAMENGVRL has made her mark with edge and consistency. Winning “Song of the Year” in 2018 and 2019, “Best Rap/Hip-Hop Performance”, and “Best Urban Performance” in 2021 at the AMI (often referred to as the GRAMMY-equivalent of Indonesia), RAMENGVRL was named Indonesia’s “Future of Rap” by VICE. Following her debut album ‘Can’t Speak English‘, she was subsequently listed on Forbes’ 30-under-30 list as a trailblazer and culture leader. RAMENGVRL has racked up over 40 million streams on her music and her following continues to skyrocket.

The first of more installations to come, ‘asiatic.wav Vol. 1’ spans across different genres and themes and is the destination for the finest selection of new music by exciting up-and-coming Asian artists. ‘asiatic.wav’ is an EP compilation series showcasing the finest Asian Indie, Hip-Hop, and R&B talents across the region. The first of the series, ‘asiatic.wav Vol. 1’ features not only the aforementioned RAMENGVRL but also an array of regional superstars.

Mrs M, queen of Mongolian Hip-Hop who recently joined Asiatic Records’ roster, contributes to ‘asiatic.wav Vol. 1’ with her statement piece “Daughter of Khan” which surpassed 1 million views on YouTube within the first week of release. The EP also has well-established Thai indie superstar Phum Viphruit joining forces with emerging R&B star Thomas Ng on their intimate track “Pills”, one of the most sought-after names in Japanese Hip-Hop, OZworld on “Cry 4 the moon”, and last but not least, British-Trinidadian-Thai Hip-Hop and R&B singer-songwriter Tsunari presents “Cinematic”, a song about being the star of your own show and never letting anyone tell you otherwise.

The next ‘asiatic.wav’ compilation is due later this year and will bring another wave of great music to the entire Asian music landscape.

‘asiatic.wav Vol. 1’ Tracklisting:

  1. Tsunari – “Cinematic”
  2. Thomas Ng & Phum Viphurit – “Pills”
  3. Mrs M – “Daughter of Khan”
  5. OZworld – “Cry 4 the moon”

Official cover art courtesy of Asiatic Records

Listen to asiatic.wav Vol. 1: