PSYCHIC FEVER by EXILE TRIBE: Navigating the Diverse Dimensions of ‘FIRE’

GLOBAL RELEASE—PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE has set the stage ablaze with their latest single, ‘FIRE,’ featuring Thai rapper SPRITE, now available on major digital streaming platforms. This collaborative effort, born from months of dedication and determination during their activities in Thailand, showcases a unique and explosive chemistry between the two musical entities.

The song, ‘FIRE feat. SPRITE,’ marks the second collaboration with Thailand’s entertainment company, HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT. SPRITE’s distinctive style seamlessly blending Hip Hop and Pop genres adds an authentic essence to the track, broadening its appeal. Produced in collaboration with HYPE TRAIN PRODUCTION, led by Thai beatmaker NINO, who played a pivotal role in producing and mentoring PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE for their previous single, ‘TO THE TOP feat. DVI,’ the song features an addictive melody with global market appeal.

Image Courtesy of High Cloud Entertainment.

‘FIRE feat. SPRITE’ serves as a high-energy anthem, encouraging listeners to take charge of their destinies and pursue their goals with confidence and determination. The accompanying music video explores the multifaceted nature of fire, mirroring its varying degrees of heat and colors. The members of PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE infuse their unique talents and personalities into the performance, creating an electrifying atmosphere with intense heat, visual LED lights, and various fire effects.

The group’s sharp, sleek, and powerful dance moves reflect their tenacity and determination in pursuing their dreams, delivering captivating verses that ignite enthusiasm and passion in their fans. PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE expresses that their new single celebrates ambition, self-assurance, and the relentless pursuit of success, hoping it serves as a catalyst to inspire listeners to pursue their goals and reach for the stars.