Paul Pablo Asks What-ifs and What-could-be’s of Relationships in ‘Sagi’

MANILA, Philippines—Rising electro-pop musician, Paul Pablo returns with another heartbreaking track for his lovelorn listeners. “Sagi,” his ninth release for Warner Music Philippines, featuring his distinctive delicate vocal prowess accompanied by an intensified electronic background.

The song is about relationship’s what-ifs and what-could-be. In this song, Paul Pablo attempts to bend a one-sided love and disclose his partner’s feelings by doubting the possibility of making love happen.

We all know someone, the subject of “Sagi,” who enjoys undefined relationships. The current song, like his previous tracks, displays Paul Pablo’s balance of cheerful music with poignant lyrics in a way that makes the story’s uncertainty seem restorative—his gift that has gained him a devoted audience.

Many people would identify with “Sagi’s” minor scars and bruises, in which Paul Pablo, the jilted lover, has so much love for his partner who isn’t ready to totally commit.

LSS-inducing “Sagi” wonderfully represents his generation in the raw, with Paul Pablo’s magnetic demeanor – individuals at the helm of their real-world journey, agonizing from unrequited love and other quarter-life crises.

Image courtesy Warner Music Philippines

It’s easy to see why the Davao City native has so much support. Paul Pablo’s affectionate songwriting never strains too hard. His songs, with words that sound like pages torn from our diary, pack the right punches while remaining poised. When tied together, his discography flows seamlessly from one track to the next. With recurring themes of love and longing, every song contains a tinge of comfort, adding his own twist to a common pop subject.

Paul Pablo first arrived in the music scene following the release of his debut single “Bai” in 2020. Since then, the success of songs like “Bangin” and “Kalawakan” has helped him build a strong following. As of writing, “Bangin”, his most played track, now has almost 2 million streams on Spotify alone. A testament of what Paul Pablo can accomplish at such a young age.

Image courtesy Warner Music Philippines

Paul Pablo’s intensity isn’t limited to his music. His clearly impassioned live performances exude fire. He energizes the audience with his powerful presence, which highlights Paul Pablo’s unique demeanor. His live concerts reveal his real enthusiasm for performing, which captivates his audience till the final note.

Sagi” is now available digitally on music platforms. For the latest updates on your favorite musicians, follow Warner Music Philippines on their social media pages, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.