Paolo Sandejas Introduces ‘BORED? (hope you’re happy)’ off the Upcoming Bloom EP

MANILA, Philippines—Fresh from the recent release of the music video for “Liquid Courage, Paolo Sandejas is gearing up to drop something new this 2023.

What would you do if the person who used to toy your feelings started sending you unwanted messages? What if, despite how much you adored that person, they just saw you as an option? And just texting you or calling you when they’re bored? Paolo Sandejas’ most recent album produced by Fern, “BORED? (hope you’re happy), has that as its core message.

Ahead of this single’s release, Sandejas has already been performing it on his recent gigs around the metro. There’s no denying that he continues to create a name for himself across the local music scene with his recent releases.

This fine creation of his, as stated by the singer-songwriter, is about self-love and the realization that you should be putting yourself first.

Image courtesy of Renuel Fallore

According to Sandejas, “You deserve better than someone who only calls you when they’re bored.”

The BTS V-approved OPM artist adds, “As someone who has been known for writing sad breakup songs, I wanted to write something more empowering to uplift people who might feel that they were not valued by someone they cared about. This song is meant to be an anthem that you can sing and dance to in your room to cheer you up.”

Sonically speaking, Sandejas openly says that he enjoyed experimenting with synthesizers for this single.

He shares, “I literally just got the most classic 80’s synth I could find and went all out.”

And since it’s a fun-sounding single, Sandejas decided to unveil a vibrant, goofy, yet artistic visualizer for this release.

“The track was originally supposed to only be titled BORED, but I really wanted to add “hope you’re happy” as it’s the main lyrical hook of the chorus. I really love how it’s such a passive aggressive way to tell someone that you’re on to better things now.” Sandejas expresses.

Image courtesy of Renuel Fallore

Recent appearances by Sandejas include Thanksgiving gig at Jess & Pat’s and SYQL Productions’ NEW YEAR NEW SCENE Party at 123 Block, where he shared the stage with other local artists like Ena Mori, Munimuni, SOS, Syd Hartha, Ciudad, and Valentine’s Gig at Uptown Bonifacio. 

Keep an eye out for Sandejas in early 2023 as he performs at UP Fair Cosmos and makes multiple additional live performances and media engagements in advance of the official release of his Bloom EP