ONE CLICK STRAIGHT Breaks Through the Ceiling with The Release of Their Newest Self-Titled Album

MANILA, Philippines—As they continue to shine on the OPM scene, ONE CLICK STRAIGHT recently released their self-titled album, nearly four years after their debut.

Over the last several months, the band has teased fans with releases such as smash singles “Dahan-dahan” and “MRT,” the latter of which was followed by a significant and profound music video. Their album is now available in full.

Image courtesy UMG Philippines

Solidifying their Identity 

The groups  dedication to the neo-synth, punk-pop genre of OPM has always been their driving point as a band. Sam cites that while they enjoy creating music for passion, the album was made while “being in a state of hunger”— to create, express, and prove that music can be created for music in itself.

“This record was birthed by the idea that we can only be fulfilled as an artist if we rid all ulterior motives, strip off excess, and make everything authentic to the very core of the music.”

For Tim, he believes that the album is a culmination of their journey as a band. While they’ve always known their identity as a band, their self-titled record helped them finally understand their calling—which is to create music.

“We finally understood why we are the way we are, why we create what we create, and the band’s purpose. We just wanted to create something real.”

And collectively, they believe that the album showcases the band in a brand-new light. It’s an expression of “unfiltered fearlessness,” one that rises above subjects like love, pain, and life frustrations. It’s braver, newer, and closer to what the band’s identity truly encapsulates.

Rocking through the Seasons

After more than a decade in the industry, ONE CLICK STRAIGHT continues to weather the ups and downs of the music industry—and creating this self-titled album wasn’t easy.

“The biggest obstacle in every aspect would just be the balance between knowing when to push boundaries and when to let go and accept that it is the best that it could be; basically, when to trust your capabilities and when to trust your gut.”

Apart from pushing through the whirlwinds of writing, recording, touring, and releasing music, the band believes that it’s important to find a balance and embrace changes. During the course of record creation, the band cites a breakthrough in their team dynamics.

“There are no rules and boundaries to what a band member can do now. Anyone can sing, anyone can express freely, and it’s the beauty of growing together as a band. The communication and respect have grown so much since we started.”

On the Best Parts of the Album

To Tim, the album contains “the best songs we’ve ever written,” representing ONE CLICK STRAIGHT’s identity as a band—honest, unapologetic, and daring but also vulnerable.

It talks about themes beyond just love, perfectly capturing feelings associated with cynicism but remaining hopeful through self-acceptance and truth-seeking.

This is why the band longs for the record to become their listeners’ best possible companion throughout life experiences. And for Tim, he wishes that it also opens people’s eyes to music.

“If I could be honest, I just hope that when people listen to this album, they realize that music isn’t only for entertainment. I hope that people could hear the difference [between] the artists out there that create something genuine and over something that’s made just to be consumed.”

And as ONE CLICK STRAIGHT explores the nooks and crannies of each melody, the band promises more shows, an album tour, and a thriving community of like-minded people—unafraid to be who they are.

ONE CLICK STRAIGHT’s self-titled album under Island Records Philippines is now available. You can now stream it in different music streaming platform via this link. For more updates follow ONE CLICK STRAIGHT on  FacebookTwitter, Instagram,  YouTube, and Spotify.