mazie Shared a Glimpse of Her Forthcoming Album ‘blotter baby’ In Her Latest Single

GLOBAL NEWS—The alt-pop singer, mazie shares her prismatic take on psychedelic pop in “it’s not me (it’s u).” The single o!ers an pensive, stripped-down look into the world of mazie’s upcoming debut album, “blotter baby”, which will be released on February 24th.

The self-proclaimed revivalist of 60s and 70s psychedelia, mazie expands upon her modern definition of the genre with this track. She’s at her most vulnerable when reflecting over a simple strumming pattern and resonant Wurlitzer chords.

A dreamy arpeggio glides in and out of the chorus’s melodic rhythm and mazie’s honest verses, where she confesses, “I broke my heart cuz I had nothin’ to do / you did it cuz you wanted to / I don’t need another reason to prove / it’s not me it’s u.”

Image courtesy Amplified Entertainment

This realization digs deeper under her skin until she explodes in the track’s epic finale of clashing guitars and cathartic release.

mazie describes the song as being the hardest for her to write, saying, “It is the epitome of avoidant attachment style and an exploration into losing ‘the spark’ with the person you love most. It is brutally honest and really allowed me to hold up a mirror to myself and reflect on the hypocritical BS I bring into my relationships.”

Image courtesy Amplified Entertainment

“it’s not me (it’s u)” was written and produced by Platinum-winning Elie Rizk (Bella Poarch, Remi Wolf, Keshi), and shares writing credits with mazie and Devon Again. This release sees a somber departure from mazie’s recent releases, headbanger “girls just wanna have sex” and viral hit “dumb dumb.”

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