Massiah Creates Island-Inspired Hip-hop Beats with the Release of his Debut Album, Lahi

MANILA, Philippines – Independent label Careless Music announces the release of Dumaguete-born hip-hop artist Massiah’s debut album, titled Lahi. Haissam Morton, better known as Massiah dropped his highly anticipated debut album last March 4, 2022, bringing spirited and soulful beats weaved into stories about his life and experience in the tropics.

Image courtesy of Careless Music

Bring a laid-back and vibrant personality in his music, Massiah seamlessly stitches together R&B elements with the lively bounce of afrobeats, setting a relaxed yet high-spirited tone to his style. Inspired by his upbringing, Massiah’s fun, raw, and clever lyricism embraces his easygoing flow and melodic hooks. These easily both work in tandem to express stories of his bravado while upholding his sincerity to his roots.

Being half-Ghanian and half-Filipino growing up in Dumaguete, Lahi translates to “different” and “race” in the languages Massiah grew up with, honoring and recognizing his roots through this project.

Image courtesy of Careless Music

With Lahi, it is described as being a testament to the tropics. Staying true to his heritage, Massiah tells the story, and history of the islands. A spirited and sonic expression, the album depicts the ebb and flow of trying to make it in life and finding enjoyment in it as you do.

Lahi imbues island-instrumental influences to majority of the hip-hop, rap, and RNB tracks in it paired with Afrobeat, neo-soul, and electronic elements. It tells us tales inspired from Massiah’s own adventures around the country—tales of love, exciting journeys, and bittersweet moments.

Image courtesy of Careless Music

Massiah collaborates with numerous artists as well for this project. To name a few, James Reid, August Wahh, Because, Fern, and Cavill work are featured on tracks like Island City, High Off Life, and Silhouette.

The audience that Massiah aims to tap for Lahi belong to the Gen-Z and Millennial demographic. “The message I want to send across with the new album is that I hope it becomes a sign of change in the taste of Filipino music creators and that we’re always willing to try new things and make them work in our context,” Massiah says of Lahi.

On March 21, 2022 the promotion of Lahi will be amped up by the release of the music video for the album’s lead single, Island City featuring Because.