Madison Beer Takes Fans on a Sonic Journey with ‘Spinnin’

GLOBAL RELEASE—Platinum-selling maestro of melody, Madison Beer, has unveiled her latest masterpiece – the enchanting single titled “Spinnin.” This polished mid-tempo gem is adorned with mesmerizing guitar riffs that gradually crescendo into a resounding chorus.

Beer’s ethereal vocals breathe life into the introspective lyrics, weaving a captivating narrative. The creative process behind this track was a collaborative effort, co-produced and written by Beer herself alongside Leroy Clampitt. Tim Sommers and Jeremy “Kinetics” Dussolliet also contributed their lyrical prowess to the song’s composition.

Image courtesy of Sonic Music.

Accompanying the single is a visual treat – a cinematic spectacle directed by Madison and Aerin Moreno. Within this artistic reverie, Beer is immersed in a dream-like scenario, where the world around her is frozen in the embrace of time.

Reflecting on the release, Madison shared, “This song encapsulates a moment when time stood still. Amidst a cycle of days, I discovered solace amidst anxiety, delving into the realm of my thoughts and emotions. The music video I envisioned mirrors this cinematic experience, vividly breathing life into those feelings. Our creation is a source of immense pride.”

The initial tease of “Spinnin” emerged during Madison’s captivating performance for Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. This captivating tune is a teaser from Madison’s highly anticipated sophomore album, “Silence Between Songs,” set to grace our ears on September 15, 2023, courtesy of EPIC Records. Madison’s innate gift for storytelling and emotional depth takes center stage in this album, exploring growth, reflection, and introspection themes. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Tame Impala, Beer promises a novel auditory adventure while infusing the album’s visual aesthetics with her distinctive artistic perspective.

Image courtesy of Sonic Music.

Addressing the album’s essence, the artist revealed, “In the past two years, since my last record, I’ve embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. This album chronicles the multifaceted aspects of my identity unearthed during moments of pause when the cacophony subsided, and I embraced self-awareness. I hope my fans find the same inspiration in listening as I did in creating.”

“Spinnin” is now available for streaming across all platforms, inviting you to immerse yourself in Madison’s enchanting soundscape.