LANDOKMAI’s Dream-Pop Magic Takes Thailand by Storm with ‘All My Purple Feelings’

Thailand—Following the resounding success of their chart-topping hit ‘Blooming,’ amassing over 9 million streams and securing a spot on Thailand’s Top 50 on Spotify, Thai dream-pop duo LANDOKMAI unveils their inaugural album, ‘All My Purple Feelings.’

This cohesive 11-track masterpiece serves as a sonic journey reflecting the duo’s evolution over the past two years. ‘All My Purple Feelings’ intricately weaves life stories and evolving emotions, with the various shades of purple acting as a thematic thread throughout. Each track, represented by one of the 10 shades of purple, encapsulates distinct emotions and meanings.

In the album, purple symbolizes the current essence of LANDOKMAI, perfectly aligning with the album’s purpose. A fusion of “red,” signifying the freshness and lively sensations of childhood, and “blue,” representing mature happiness and depth in adulthood, creates the emotionally versatile color of “purple.” This choice mirrors the nuanced representation of feelings found in each track, avoiding extremes and allowing for a rich exploration of emotions.

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LANDOKMAI, a female dream-pop duo under the What The Duck music label, comprises lead vocalists Upim (Landokmai Sripasang) and Ant (Manassanan Kingkasem) on guitar and chorus. With four years in the music industry, they have become highly regarded in the indie-pop scene.

Image Courtesy of LANDOKMAI,

Their breakthrough hit, “เพลงรักเพลงแรก (Blooming),” has garnered over 11 million views and 8 million streams on Spotify, capturing the hearts of the Gen Z audience. The duo’s presence on TikTok further propelled their popularity, with over 100,000 clips featuring their tracks and an impressive following of 212,000. LANDOKMAI continues to enchant audiences with their dreamy tunes and vibrant musical journey.