King Krule’s Latest Track ‘Seaforth’ Precedes Highly-Anticipated Album Release

GLOBAL NEWS—After recently completing his “SHHH Tour”, which saw all shows sell out, Archy Marshall, known by his King Krule alias, has announced the release of his fourth studio album, “Space Heavy”. 

Set to be released on Friday 9th June 2023 via XL Recordings, the album arrives 10 years after his debut release and showcases King Krule’s most articulate work yet. With years of experience under his belt, the album promises to be a dynamic and ever-evolving body of work that unveils something new with each listen.

Image credit: Frank Lebon via XL Recordings

Accompanying the album announcement is the release of the first single, “Seaforth,” along with a charming music video directed by visual artist and previous collaborator Jocelyn Anquetil. The dreamy and stripped-back melody of “Seaforth” serves as the soundtrack to a video that takes us on a journey into King Krule’s sleeping mind, where we are immersed in the adventures of two golden retrievers; a father and his puppy.

Album art cover courtesy Jack Marshall: Space Heavy

Written between 2020-2022 during Archy Marshall’s commutes between London and Liverpool, Space Heavy explores the concept of “the space between” – a haunted terrain of lost love, connections, and people. Archy’s frequent collaborator Dilip Harris and his longtime bandmates, Ignacio Salvadores (Saxophonist), George Bass (Drummer), James Wilson (Bass Guitarist), and Jack Towell (Guitarist), assisted him in developing the music. 

The 15-track full-length album showcases Archy Marshall’s musical prowess, delving into the depths of the subterranean sonic world he has created throughout his career as King Krule. It demonstrates the artist’s growth and maturation, blending the auteurism of his debut, the shapeshifting sounds of The OOZ, the primality of Man Alive!, and the raw vulnerability of You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down. 


1. Flimsier

2. Pink Shell

3. Seaforth

4. That Is My Life, That Is Yours

5. Tortoise Of Independency

6. Empty Stomach Space Cadet

7. Flimsy

8. Hamburgerphobia

9. From The Swamp

10. Seagirl

11. Our Vacuum

12. Space Heavy

13. When Vanishing

14. If Only It Was Warmth

15. Wednesday Overcast

Each listen reveals new elements of this dynamic work, emphasizing the importance of both negative and positive space. If listeners are willing to explore this rich soundscape, they will be rewarded. 

Watch the video for “Seaforth” below:

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