Jensen Gomez Explores what Second Chances Mean with his latest track Let Me In

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino singer-songwriter Jensen Gomez talks about the different phases in life with his latest EP Phases Vol. 3. Let Me In, the last track from the EP, had its music video released last February 10. The song tells a story of heartbreak and no longer being welcome, exploring what second chances really mean.

Image courtesy of Off The Record

“Let Me In” is a song about a person longing to be let back in, wishing it isn’t too late to do so. The song, however, does not end there. It’s more than just a story of heartbreak. It has a lot of layers, and thus completely up to the listener for interpretation.

“Let Me In is something that I didn’t expect to write. When you open yourself up to such a journey, the universe sometimes rewards you with a song like this.” Jensen said. “Let Me In” is my favorite track from the EP” he further added.

Image courtesy of Off The Record

Let Me In’s interest is heightened by Jensen Gomez’s excellent acting in the music video. However, Pau Benitez brings her own pain to the table, having appeared in several local indie films such as “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi” (2018), Liway (2018), Erik Matti’s “A Guy and a Girl,” and the On The Job series. Both of them present a portrayal of a partnership battling for its life.

Images courtesy of Off The Record

There, you can observe his vulnerable side, especially the pain in his eyes. However, despite the notion that the music video depicts the breakup of a couple and Jensen’s pleas for a second chance, there is much more layer and depth into it, and it’s up to the viewers to interpret it for themselves.

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