Jason Dhakal’s Enthralling New Album ‘Being’ Takes Center Stage

MANILA, Philippines—Renowned queer R&B/neo-soul artist, Jason Dhakal, has just unveiled his highly-anticipated album “BEING” under Warner Music Philippines, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Following his successful debut full-length album, “Lovesound,” Dhakal has gracefully sidestepped the notorious “sophomore slump” with this impressive release.

Reflecting on the genesis of the album, Dhakal shares, “BEING is a testament to my personal and creative transformation. I embarked on this journey at the age of 19, nurturing these tracks over the years. As I transition into my twenties and perceive the world and myself from different angles, this album became a mirror reflecting on my thoughts, love, and the essence of my being. In a way, it has deepened my self-awareness.”

Image Courtesy of Warner Music Philippines.

Dhakal has garnered immense admiration for his effortless talent and musical prowess. Since his debut EP “Night In” in 2018, the Filipino-Nepalese singer, who hails from Oman, has consistently captivated audiences both locally and internationally with his mesmerizing vocals and profound songwriting. Dhakal explains the motivation behind “BEING,” stating, “I draw inspiration from my own experiences. Writing is profoundly personal for me, offering a genuine outlet for my emotions and thoughts. Music has become my confidant, where I entrust my deepest secrets. These tracks encapsulate the people I’ve loved, or still love, and serve as a snapshot of myself and my emotions.”

Dhakal’s acclaim extends beyond his solo career, as he has also formed dynamic creative alliances with friends and fellow artists such as Jess Connelly, crwn, dot.jaime, Indonesian singer-songwriter Kara Chenoa, LUSTBASS, and Arthur Nery. These collaborations underscore Dhakal’s boundless talent, producing extraordinary musical amalgamations that have earned recognition for both him and his collaborators.

Image Courtesy of Warner Music Philippines.

The spotlight single from “BEING” is “What’s Ur Move?”—a track that marks Jason’s inaugural collaboration with Grammy-nominated music producer Xerxes Bakker. Speaking about their creative partnership, Dhakal shares, “When I collaborated with Xerxes, our primary goal was to craft an upbeat song inspired by The Neptunes. Despite it being our first collaboration, our ideas seamlessly meshed, making the process incredibly enjoyable.”

The duo’s lush production and infectious rhythm make “What’s Ur Move?” an essential addition to your go-to house party playlist. Dhakal, who openly embraces his queerness and emphasizes intentionality in his music, presents “What’s Ur Move?” as a bold celebration of the queer experience. With this song, he invites listeners to explore love, relationships, and the decisions therein. Jason elaborates, “‘What’s Ur Move?’ is about granting the person you’re with the agency to determine the course of the relationship—whether it’s a genuine commitment or a fleeting moment, because I won’t be waiting indefinitely.” Through his music and accompanying visuals, Dhakal fearlessly champions all forms of love, creating an inclusive space where everyone can share the same joy, pain, and voice.

Dhakal remains at the forefront of redefining his genre, infusing it with his unique identity and unwavering authenticity. “BEING” stands as a testament to this evolution, as he continues his commitment to crafting soulful music that resonates deeply with the spirit. With this album, Dhakal firmly establishes himself as one of the most exciting and innovative artists of his generation.

Experience Jason Dhakal’s latest album, “BEING,” now available for streaming on your preferred digital music platforms.