KINDRED Makes Waves with Debut Mixtape SUBSET

MANILA, Philippines—Alternative boy band KINDRED unveils their inaugural mixtape, SUBSET—an anthology of 15 songs, blending 8 distinct flavors and embodying the culmination of an infinite dream. This marks the conclusion of a 3-year project, sparking a new chapter in music. Dive into the auditory experience now on Apple Music and Spotify, courtesy of Island Records Philippines.

SUBSET is a genre-defying musical journey, seamlessly transitioning from city pop to experimental dance, R&B to Neo OPM. KINDRED’s unique blend of genres showcases their boundless sonic identity. Crafted with love by dot.jaime, Fern., VINCED, Slomosays, Nouvul, Pikunin, Punzi, and Cavill, this mixtape transcends expectations and standards, embodying the limitless creativity of KINDRED.

Image Courtesy of Universal Music Group.

Image Courtesy of Universal Music Group.

Within the SUBSET mixtape, Ligaw stands out as a deliberately crafted moment. Defined as a timeless pop ballad, Ligaw resonates with the essence of revisiting a past connection. Balancing a traditional musical approach with a contemporary twist, the song aims to mature alongside youth, mirroring the ever-evolving sound and lasting impressions that KINDRED leaves behind as a dynamic musical unit.

Images Courtesy of Universal Music Group.

KINDRED commemorates the release of SUBSET with a live performance on November 10, featuring local DJs and a festive atmosphere that pays tribute to the collaborative spirit behind the mixtape. With special merchandise and a thoughtfully crafted program, the event aims to unite people through shared appreciation and curiosity.

SUBSET itself signifies growth and unity for KINDRED, showcasing their collective identity in sound creation. The mixtape not only reveals who KINDRED is today but also serves as a preview of the diverse creativity each member brings to future projects. Anticipate more exciting developments as the band gears up for a 2024 tour in support of SUBSET.