ICYMI: Press Hit Play Makes a Comeback with their Newest Single ‘Sambit’

MANILA, Philippines—A year after their debut isn’t long enough to tell the story of CHRLS, Yuuki, JP, and Sev, also known as Press Hit Play or PHP. Before their official debut, these four boys have been performing for years. To say the least, it was never easy, but it was well worth all the risks to get to where they are now.

It was a long journey before becoming PHP because They came from several groups, joined, and won a few competitions. Now that they are considered as one of the powerhouse supergroups in P-POP, a rising community being spotlighted nowadays, they are ready to show their ever-growing fans their real story.

Photo courtesy of Evolution Music Group.

Their new single “Sambit” was performed in front of thousands of P-POP fans at their first major live appearance in April. It was an overwhelming feeling as they made it through the song performance with everyone in tears. This piqued the interest and excitement of fans.

Co-wrote by songwriter/producer JP, he looks back on his journey while writing the song. “When I left my former company, I was about to work overseas. I reflected on what I really wanted to do in my life and I realized, it was music, still is and will always be. That’s when I was able to start penning the first verse of the song up until the chorus.”

He decided to go and pursue his passion, which led him to enter and win a contest in which he was sent to Korea to be trained. After being recruited back in PHP, the song was finally completed.

“This is more about our struggles. And also, our inspiration to move forward and reach our dreams, which is the people around us who continue to support and cheer on us, those who are with us every step of the way.” lead vocalist, CHRLS added.

Photo courtesy of Evolution Music Group.

“I want to tell people our message of comfort through the song. Just like our debut track, it is inspirational but this one has an emotional touch to it.” Sev, the group’s youngest member and main vocalist, expresses his desire to motivate the listeners who will be able to hear their new song.

When asked about the part of the song which they can relate to the most, Yuuki answered, “The second verse for me. That’s where the part that says that we are in charge of the path we take. That we can’t be afraid of the big hurdles along the way cause there will always be one.”

“Sambit” captures the group’s journey from beginning their singing careers individually, to meeting each other through competitions, to joining forces and forming their cover group. There are still difficulties with Press Hit Play, but what matters is who stays, who walks alongside them until the end.

 Listen To PHP’s Latest Single, ‘Sambit’ through this link.