ICYMI:  A Stripped-Down Ballad with An Emotional Pull, LOIR Addresses Own Personal Struggles in Her New Single ‘MAMA’

MANILA, Philippines—In her new single MAMA,” R&B singer-songwriter LOIR gives in to the pull of her heart. The talented rookie asks big questions about life’s purpose and her conflicting sense of direction on the stripped-down ballad. While doing what she loves comes with existential baggage, LOIR recognizes the need to work on herself and apologize for her misgivings.

“I’ve made some decisions in the past that I’m not happy about, this song is my way of closing that chapter in life, and hoping that I’ve made my parents proud as I welcome change with positivity, dreams, and love. I’m more than inspired to do well in my chosen craft,” says the budding young artist.

Image courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

“MAMA” begins slowly and assuredly, with only a piano to accompany LOIR’s lush, dreamy vocals, and progresses into an emotional epiphany, peeling its layers with the hopeful note that “she is still here and is going to hold to whatever is left”—her family and dreams included.

LOIR wrote and arranged the song, which was produced by frequent collaborators HavoMusic and Goodson.

“I started working on the instrumentals for MAMA before I asked sir HavoMusic and Goodson to be involved in the production work, while I developed the structure and melody for this particular track, both of them added a more emotional touch to the sonic palette. The final product maintains the rawness of the original, but it’s also more vulnerable and powerful to an extent.”

Image courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Before signing with Sony Music Entertainment, LOIR worked with some of the biggest names in the local hip-hop/R&B scene, including Gloc-9 on the socio-realist gems “SANIB” and “OKA” and Guddhist Gunatita on the smash single “DALAMPASIGAN.”

LOIR is also a member of Asintada Management and Production Inc., which also represents Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope. She has received over four million streams on YouTube and Spotify combined.

LOIR’s “MAMA” is out now on all digital music platforms via Sony Music Entertainment.