EXID Released Their Most Recent Album ‘X’  to Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary

SEOUL Korea—Veteran K-Pop girl group EXID, with its members of SOLJI, ELLY, HANI, HYELIN, and JEONGHWA, has recently released their 10th anniversary album, titled “X,” marking their return as icons of Korean music chart comeback.

The album title ‘X’ represents not only the number 10 in roman numerals, but also the combination of EXID and their fans LEGGO. EXID’s charismatic signature style that sets the music ablaze is fronted by the addictive lead track “FIRE” which is also dedicated to their international fans.

Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Korea

The album also contains the Nu-disco track “IDK” written and composed by member ELLY, and a ballad track titled “LEGGO” dedicated to their fans.

EXID debuted in 2012 under their producer S.Tiger. EXID is most recognized for their ascent to fame, their groundbreaking viral track “Up & Down.”

Listen to their album here: