Drop Everything Now! Spotify Releases Interactive Experience with Taylor Swift’s Iconic Eras- ‘My Top 5’

MANILA, Philippines—Renowned for her ability to evoke profound emotions through her music, Taylor Swift has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Now, with the launch of My Top 5: Taylor Swift’s Eras, Spotify offers Swifties an unparalleled interactive experience, enabling them to curate their top eras and share their selections with friends on social media.

As Taylor Swift’s | The Eras Tour continues to be hailed as a cultural phenomenon, fans can now proudly showcase their personal favorite eras from the artist’s illustrious discography to the world.

Image courtesy of Spotify.

Here’s how My Top 5: Taylor Swift’s Eras works:

  1. Ensure your Spotify mobile app is updated to the latest version (v8.8.52) available on the App Store.
  2. Visit https://spotify.com/top5 on your mobile device.
  3. The experience will present Taylor Swift’s 10 eras, allowing you to arrange them into a captivating visual display, forming your unique Top 5.
  4. Afterward, you’ll receive a personalized digital card to share and compare your top 5 selections with friends and the global community on social media.
  5. To add to the excitement, Spotify listeners will also gain insight into their top 5 most-streamed Taylor Swift eras, based on their play history of Taylor’s enchanting jams on the platform.

Image courtesy of Spotify.

My Top 5: Taylor Swift’s Eras signifies the latest chapter in Spotify’s series of interactive experiences, following the resounding success achieved with other iconic artists such as The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, ROSALÍA, and BTS.