Darren Brings the Magic of Nostalgia with ‘Pabalik Sa’yo’

MANILA, Philippines—Filipino-Canadian singer and actor Darren releases his newest single “Pabalik Sa’yo,” a song reminiscing about the nostalgic memories we all had growing up.

One of the most successful Filipino male pop/R&B artists of the last decade with over a hundred million streams on Spotify, and more than a hundred million views on YouTube. Darren is considered as a man with an impressive mark in the Philippine Music industry with multi-platinum albums, sold out concerts, acclaimed performances, and No. 1 singles.

Image courtesy of UMG Philippines

Today, Darren will make us feel the nostalgic magic of his new single. Growing up listening to the radio during your childhood will make you fall in love with this song entitled, “Pabalik Sa’yo”. You will definitely go back to those nostalgic memories that you are holding onto.

Although it’s a new sound that people haven’t heard from Darren yet on an original single, it still has elements and vocal calisthenics that will make you realize that it is him. “Pabalik Sa’yo” is a song that most people can relate to and will leave a last song syndrome effect when you heard. It was written with the help of Tiny Corpuz who is also behind “I believe in Christmas.”

In recent years, Darren has developed his passion for songwriting and producing great music, he has been hands on in several of his new releases. This year, he has an upcoming musical series that will start streaming ‘Lyric and Beat’ with stars Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin and many more talented artists. With this, be sure to watch out since Darren is persistent in pushing the envelope of pop craftsmanship by exploring other music genres, from electronic pop to modern R&B, and everything in between.

Soon, Darren plans to release music internationally and work with producers from other countries. He will also be touring around the Philippines and beyond its shores once more.

Cover art courtesy of UMG Philippines

In a very competitive pop music landscape, Darren always stands out as an inspirational and appealing personality whose music speaks to you on an intimate and personal level just like when you hear his new single “Pabalik Sa’yo”, Darren never fails to give us outstanding music with a unique singing style.

Listen to Pabalik Sa’yo: