BTS’ V Takes Center Stage with Solo Sonic Mastery, ‘Layover’ EP

SEOUL, South Korea—21st Century Pop Icon V from BTS is set to make his solo debut with the highly anticipated album Layover, scheduled for release on September 8. The album comprises a captivating collection of six tracks: “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” “For Us,” and an exclusive bonus track. BIGHIT MUSIC encourages fans to experience the album in its intended sequence, from tracks 1 through 5.

At the heart of the album is the spotlight track “Slow Dancing,” a soulful ode to romantic vibes from the 1970s, radiating a carefree and relaxed ambiance. “Rainy Days” artfully intertwines V’s voice with the soothing sounds of rain and everyday ambiance. “Blue” playfully pays homage to classic R&B while infusing a contemporary sonic twist. “Love Me Again” entices with its entrancing R&B rhythms, showcasing V’s velvety low-pitched vocals. “For Us” concludes the journey with a pop-infused R&B piece, evoking profound emotions through V’s distinctive lyrics and vocals. The album’s closing bonus track treats listeners to a piano rendition of the focus track “Slow Dancing.” Additionally, all five tracks, except the bonus, will be accompanied by official music videos.

Image Courtesy of HYBE LABELS.

V’s debut solo venture embraces a collaborative spirit, teaming up with ADOR’s President and Executive Producer, Hee Jin Min. Executing V’s creative vision, Min masterminded the entire production process spanning music, choreography, design, and promotion. With this synergistic collaboration, V promises to unveil a fresh facet of his artistic charm, inviting audiences to revel in an album brimming with his personal touch.

Fans can secure their pre-orders and pre-save V’s sonic masterpiece by clicking here. Once the pre-order is in place, listeners can prepare to immerse themselves in his captivating music as soon as it’s released on September 8.