An Opus Emerges with SHYE’s New Music “Joke”

SINGAPORE—Talented singer-songwriter and producer, Shye, releases her latest single Joke, a passionate anthem delving into the reality of seeing things clearly without rose-tinted glasses. 

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Shye emphasizes the emotions of frustration, sarcasm, and derision when words and actions fail to align. The song serves not only as a release from feeling deceived but also as an opportunity to laugh at one’s own naivety. Listeners can immerse themselves in the single’s captivating melodies here.

Image courtesy of Shye.

Reflecting on human fallibility, Shye states, “We are all guilty of making poor judgments at one point or another. Realizing our own blindness can be frustrating, yet it often serves as a necessary lesson for growth and learning.”

Album Art Cover courtesy of Secret Signals LLP.

In her upcoming works, Shye explores a grunge sound, venturing into a genre that both challenges and excites her as an artist. Previously offering ‘Flower,’ ‘Safe,’ and her EP ‘idk it’s complicated,‘ she deftly explores the complexities of crushes, friendships, and finding one’s sense of belonging. Notably, Shye recently showcased her talent on the televised music competition Qing Nian Pai Ji Hua (青年派计划) in China, where she emerged as a finalist after four months of fierce competition.