Alextbh Takes Center Stage with Debut Album ‘It’s All Good’

SINGAPORE—Alextbh debuts his album ‘It’s All Good’ via EMPIRE, revealing a refined sound infused with confident nostalgia and fearless exploration of themes like identity and self-love.

In the midst of lockdown, Alextbh, inspired by new artists on Boiler Room and COLORS, experimented with production, resulting in a 10-track album titled ‘It’s All Good.’ The project serves as a sonic journey capturing the essence of falling in love with life, friends, or someone new—offering anthems for impromptu dance parties and solace during difficult moments.

Lead single “Never Enough” recounts a personal struggle when Alextbh’s card was declined while buying groceries, highlighting financial difficulties. The accompanying music video depicts a character in a video game world enslaved by capitalism, drawing inspiration from the movie “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once,” which resonated with Alextbh’s experience.

Image Courtesy of Alextbh.

The concept for the music video emerged from Alextbh’s desire to portray a character trapped in a video game world enslaved by capitalism but yearning for liberation. Inspired by the movie “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once,” the video captures the absurdity of life. Alextbh collaborated with LimeZu for most of the video’s assets, combining his passion for music, games, and 3D design in this enjoyable project.