Alex Bruce and Costa Cashman Shine in ‘Bling,’ a Filipino Rap Gem

MANILA, Philippines—Filipina rapper Alex Bruce and O Side Mafia’s Costa Cashman effortlessly navigate a seamless fusion of minimalist rap and spaced-out production in their latest single, Bling, now released under the prestigious Sony Music Entertainment label.

This unexpected collaboration radiates an undeniable chemistry that sets it apart, showcasing larger-than-life verses that play to the individual strengths of both artists. Exploring themes of success, resilience, and the journey through challenges in their respective careers, the duo balances self-assured bragging with a deeper narrative.

Image Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment.

According to the young Filipina rapper, “Bling” is a celebration of their artistic triumphs and the resilience that brought them to this point. Beyond flaunting achievements, the track emphasizes the importance of hard work, self-reward, and acknowledging those who contributed to their success.

Marking Alex Bruce’s inaugural collaboration with a fellow artist on equal footing, “Bling” is a testament to the prowess of Costa Cashman and BRGR, who coalesce their unique styles to create a star-making bop tailor-made for the streaming generation.

Confident in the technical excellence of the production, Alex Bruce attests to her trust in Cashman and BRGR, stating, “They know what they’re doing, and based on first-hand experience, the material resonates with me on a personal level.”

Following the success of “Betty Bruce,” a 2023 single reaffirming Alex Bruce’s position as a bold young rapper championing self-worth and womanhood, the 16-year-old hip-hop sensation recently took the spotlight with a headline performance during a FIBA halftime show for the renowned international brand, NIKE.

Alex Bruce’s “Bling” is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide, courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment.