AJAA Emerges on the PPop Scene with ‘4 Ü’ Debut EP

MANILA, Philippines—AJAA, the latest boy group from Republic Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment, is comprised of four talented members: Ash (Leader/Lead Vocal), JC (Main Dancer), Axl (Main Vocals), and Alex (Main Rapper). With their delightful and endearing aura, these young boys are sure to bring smiles to your face.

AJAA doesn’t hold back with their debut EP “4 Ü,” offering not one, but four vibrant tracks: “Hany,” “Best Day Ever (BDE),” “Cuppy Cake,” and “Torpe.” The EP dropped on the evening of September 7th, promising a colorful and uplifting sound.

Image Courtesy of UMG Philippines.

The new boys in town!

In a landscape where unique group monikers abound, AJAA shines with simplicity and significance, as each letter beautifully represents a member’s name—Ash, JC, Axl, and Alex.

Their name may also draw inspiration from the Korean phrase conveying “fighting” or “good luck,” aligning perfectly with AJAA’s promise to deliver a spirited musical experience.

Dubbed as “The New Boys in Town,” AJAA radiates youthful vibes, evident not only in their charisma but also in their music. “We want our music to rekindle the joy of childhood and bring happiness to those facing stress or mood dips,” Alex shared.

Image Courtesy of UMG Philippines.

Centered around the adventures of youth, from youthful crushes to carefree moments with friends, AJAA encapsulates the essence of being young and free. Expect a repertoire filled with bubblegum pop and charming tracks beloved by Pinoy Pop music fans.

AJAA finds inspiration in prominent PPop groups like KAIA, SB19, and their sibling groups VXON, G22, and Yes My Love, recognizing them as trailblazers in the thriving PPop industry. JC shares their journey of being inspired by these groups, saying, “When we saw their videos and their passion for dancing, it fueled our desire to perform.”

As they ride the PPop wave, AJAA takes pride in being part of an industry they’ve long admired. Ash expressed, “This is a remarkable time for PPop with numerous emerging groups, and we’re honored to contribute to uplifting Pinoy talents. We’ll give it our all.”

Arriving with AJAA

After a year of rigorous training under Cornerstone Entertainment and signing with Republic Records under Universal Music Group (UMG) Philippines, AJAA is poised for stardom in the PPop scene. Despite their youth, they are already well-known in the PPop community.

In 2021, members Ash and JC participated in a reality-survival show, while Axl gained popularity on TikTok through dance covers. Alex, on the other hand, has appeared in TV commercials and short films and was scouted by a South Korean entertainment agency.

Entering the industry has been a challenging but rewarding experience for the group, as they continue to learn and grow on their journey to success.

Explore AJAA’s “4 Ü” debut EP on major digital music platforms and their official YouTube channel. Connect with AJAA on social media: https://AJAA.lnk.to/Socials and stay updated with Republic Records Philippines on social media: https://RepublicRecordsPH.lnk.to/Socials