A Harmonic Prelude: Denise Julia Introduces ‘Sweet Nothings Chapter 1’

MANILA, Philippines—Versatile recording artist Denise Julia continues to influence the direction of Filipino R&B, unveiling her debut mini-album, “Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1),” set to release on Friday, November 17, 2023, through Sony Music Entertainment.

Striking a balance between effortless cool and feminine grace, the seven-track record delves into the complexities of romantic commitment in the age of perpetual screentime and fleeting attention spans. Denise Julia’s sweet vocals gracefully navigate the sonic landscape, conveying a wisdom beyond her years, as she authentically shares her own joy, pain, and experiences.

Image Courtesy of Sony Music.

Denise Julia, the NVMD artist, describes her debut album, “Sweet Nothings,” not merely as a compilation of songs but as an exploration of the diverse aspects of love—from the exciting beginnings to the challenging conclusions and the sweet, lingering moments. The album serves as a reflection on her personal experiences and impactful stories from others, forming a musical journey through the multifaceted sides of love.

Blending R&B with modern jazzy soundscapes, hip-hop beats, and suave instrumentation, Denise Julia takes control of her narrative, addressing various dimensions of love, including the rough patches, sweet edges, and substantive core. Each song in the album delves into a different aspect of this universally known feeling.

The album features production from trusted collaborators, including prolific Nigerian producer Joel Tracks, J.Greg, Duaneinsane, and Neo Cruz, contributing to the creation of a sophisticated sound. Norwegian-Filipina artist HILLARI and alt-R&B experimentalist Jason Dhakal join Denise Julia on selected tracks, adding an intriguing dimension to the album’s delicately sparse yet sophisticated sound.

The undeniable crossover hit “B.A.D.,” featuring acclaimed rapper P-Lo, has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify since its release, peaking at No. 66 and still gaining momentum. Denise Julia expresses gratitude for working alongside these musical geniuses, stating that their expertise and creativity elevated the project.

The album’s focus track, “Lackin’,” stands out as an airy lullaby inspired by one of Denise Julia’s dreams. She recalls the pressure and excitement during the studio session, particularly in the intro. The track captures the raw emotion of a relationship where one person was lacking, yet she conveys the belief that the tables would turn, and they would crave her presence in return.