OPPO Presents Five Effortless Tips to Keep Your Smartphone in Pristine Condition

MANILA, Philippines—In the realm of practical and astute consumers, the significance of after-sales services cannot be overstated when selecting a smartphone. After all, this decision involves a pivotal investment that should yield optimal usage over an extended period.

Acknowledging the integral role smartphones play in the daily lives of Filipinos, OPPO, a leading global smart device brand, goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive services to safeguard your smartphone investment and shares insightful pointers to ensure your device receives the care it rightfully deserves.

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

1. Prioritize screen protection

Safeguarding your phone’s display is paramount, as it holds an indispensable position within the device. Neglecting screen protection can lead to unsightly fingerprint marks, cracks, and abrasions. A reliable screen protector offers an extra layer of defense that should not be underestimated.

OPPO Care Plus brings you the added benefit of a complimentary Screen Protector Service, accessible at any OPPO store, along with an extended warranty. This provision ensures you enjoy an immaculate screen for the long haul. Furthermore, the service encompasses a one-time free screen replacement, granting you peace of mind in your journey with your cherished OPPO smartphone.

2. Ensure your OPPO smartphone remains in impeccable condition, both internally and externally

Upkeep is essential not just for your device’s longevity but also for your personal well-being. Shockingly, smartphones can harbor up to ten times more bacteria than an average toilet seat, underscoring the importance of regular cleaning. To sanitize your phone effectively, disconnect and power it off first. Utilize disinfectant wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant spray. Apply the cleanser onto a soft cloth before gently wiping your device.

3. Nurture battery health

Sustaining your device’s battery is pivotal for extending its lifespan. Employ battery-saver mode and reduce screen brightness during low-power situations. Disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use also conserves energy. Remarkably, OPPO boasts exceptional battery life and rapid charging through innovations like SUPERVOOC™ fast-charging and Battery Health Engine, providing nearly double the battery longevity compared to other smartphones.

4. Protect against accidental damage

Safeguarding your device against mishaps is crucial. Invest in a durable case to minimize impact from accidental drops. For enhanced protection, OPPO Care+ offers comprehensive coverage for accidental damage and an extended warranty, ensuring your device’s longevity even after unforeseen incidents.

Streamline storage and file usage: Manage your device’s memory effectively by deleting unused apps, photos, and videos when approaching storage limits. For enhanced performance, consider an external SD card to expand storage. Capitalize on OPPO’s expanded RAM technology to optimize multitasking and speed up operations.

5. Handle with care

Preventing drops is key to maintaining your OPPO device’s excellent condition. Opt for a sturdy case to minimize potential damages from inadvertent falls. Should an accident occur, OPPO Care+ ensures you’re covered with its special protection plan.

Both OPPO Care and OPPO Care+ deliver exceptional phone maintenance services, ensuring your device receives the utmost care. These services can be accessed at the OPPO Service Center upon purchasing your device or during Monthly OPPO Service Days for periodic check-ups.

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To delve deeper into the world of OPPO smart devices, explore the official OPPO Philippines website at www.oppo.com.ph/ or connect with them on their official Facebook page, OPPO Philippines. For the latest updates on OPPO Care-PH, follow their official Facebook account.